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Published 8 times a year Whisky Magazine is the perfect complement to the dram in your glass.

Every issue brings you fascinating articles on the art, science and romance of the 'water of life',

Plus page after page of Whisky tasting notes

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We will also feature whiskies from around the world with or without the "e".

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Differences between Grain and Malt Whisky.

Grain whisky production is a continuous process in a column (or Coffey) still using un-malted cereals that can be bought on price.


Single malt whisky is a batch process in a pot sill that has to be cleaned in between and uses only malted barley an extra process that adds to cost  


Because of the way the grain distillation works the grain spirit produced is lighter in body and matures quicker than malt spirit.


Also the light grain spirit does not have the influence of kiln or smoke dried malt barley. Producing lightly flavoured whisky ideal for a cheaper infill to be used in blended whisky.

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Our objective is to bring you Information about all types of whiskies,

 tasting notes, expressions and bottlers.


Details about distilleries history, location, visitor centres and contact details.

Scottish distilleries are listed by name and by region.


Giving you information about each distilleries:


House or tasting style.

A guide to expressions both distillery or independant.

Current status.

Contact Details, Visitor centre.


Tell you about the different types of Scotch whisky

Single Malt - Blended Malt - Deluxe Blends - Grain - Whisky Liqueurs.


The different types of bottlings and terms used, distillery or independent -

standard, limited edition or cask strength.