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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Australian Whiskies

Research and e-mail requests have been sent, awaiting replies 14/01/2014.


Australia (2014) has Seventeen active distilleries in five states spread across the continent with a concentration of eight distilleries on the island of Tasmania.


So far thirteen distilleries have brought their whisky to market while the other four have spirits quietly maturing



Bakery Hill Distillery North Balwyn, Victoria,

David Baker, a former biochemist, established Bakery Hill distillery in North Balwyn, Victoria. The first spirit was produced in 2000 with the first single malt whisky was made available in autumn 2003.

Bakery Hill Distillery Information


Corowa Distillery, Corowa Victoria

Not in production yet


New World Distillery Essendon Fields,Victoria

Has been known as Victoria Valley Distillery

Produces the Starward Malt Whisky

New World Distillery and Starward Malt Whisky Infomation


Timbbon Railway Shed Distillery, Timboon, Victoria,


Triptych Distillery  Yarra Valley, Victoria,


Bluestill Distillery New South Wales


Dobson Distillery Kentucky New South Wales


Castle Glen The Sumit, Queensland


Great Southern Distilling Company Distillery Albany, Western Australia

Established 2004 produces

Limeburners Malt Whisky and Tiger Snake Sour Mash Whiskey

Great Southern Distillery and Limeburners Malt Whisky information


The Wild Swan Distilling Company Swan Valley, Western Australia, 

The distillery produces a range of spirits and liquors, including 'Wild Swan Whisky'. Currently in maturation, no whisky has been released yet.

Wild Swan Distillery Information



Belgrove Distillery Kempton. Tasmania.


Hellyers Road Distillery Burnie, Tasmania,

Hellyers Road Distillery is regarded as Australia’s largest boutique distillery going into production on the 29th January 1999 the first whiskies becoming available in 2006.

Hellyers Road Distillery Information


Lark Distillery Hobart, Tasmania,

The distillery was the vision of Bill Lark, who realised that everything needed

for a world-class whisky production, was available locally in Tasmania -

Lark Distillery Information


McHenry & Sons Distillery Port Arthur, Tasmania,


Mackey's Distillery Tasmania,


Nant Distillery Bothwell, Tasmania,


The Old Hobart Distillery Hobart Tasmania,

This craft distillery has been producing hand-crafted whiskies since 2007. Produces Overeem Malt Whisky

Old Hobart Distillery and Overeem Malt whisky information


Redlands Estate Plenty Tasmania


Tasmania Distillery Cambridge, Tasmania,

Originally the Tasmania Distillery was established in 1994 on the banks of the River Derwent at Sullivans Cove. Historically this location was the area where the first settlers raised their flag and began to build the settlement that has become the City of Hobart, Australia’s second oldest city.

Tasmania Distillery Sullivans Cove Whisky  Information


Tasmanian Heartwood Malt Whisky Hobart, Tasmania,

They do not distill their own whisky, rather they are independent bottlers of aged Tasmanian whisky. currently has 10,000+ litres of whisky stored in 200 litre and 300 litre barrels. Some of these whiskies are the oldest single malt whiskies produced in Australia.


Trapper's Hut Margate, Tasmania, 

Not a distillery However they have bottled 2000 vintage whisky (2 Casks) from the Tasmania Distillery under the Trappers Hut Label. The spirit was left to mature in 200L American Oak Bourbon barrels until its decanting and bottling, without chill filtering or additives, and subsequent release in March 2008.


The first barrel release (HH 350) has sold out however a second barrel (HH 348), bottled in January 2010, is available.


Hoochery Distillery Kununurra, Western Australia,

Appears to be concentrating on rum production no whiskies as yet


Further research has found  a further four but now closed Distilleries


Booie Range Distillery– Kingroy Queensland -Closed


Corio Distillery Geelong, Victoria. - Closed 1980s?


Small Concern Whisky Distillery Ulverstone, Tasmania, Closed

Produced Cradle Mount Malt Whisky


Smith's Angaston, Angaston, Barossa Valley, South Australia -Mothballed



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