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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Waldviertler Austrian Whisky

Tasting Notes Review

Austrian Whisky

Waldviertler Roggenhof


Roggenreith is a small village in the Waldviertel and the home of the Waldviertler Whisky. The  region is as mythical as the Scottish highlands as green as the Emerald Isles and as lonely as the Canadian woods. An ideal location for the distillation of whisky.


Waldviertler Roggenhof is Austria’s first Whisky distillery. Established in 1995 by Johann Haider.


The distillery now  has a visitor centre “Whisky Experience World“.


Distillation process

Johann Haider is the master distiller.


One part of grist to four parts of hot water are mixed in the mash tun to extract the sugar from the malted barley or rye. The wort is then cooled and yeast is added. This is called sweet wort which means that only yeast is used for the fermentation. After approx 72 hours the wort is ready for distilling.


The two high capacity spirit stills are from the Christian Carl Ing. Company  (Goeppingen Germany) and can hold 450 litres of wort.

The modern elegant design made of Copper, Brass and Nickel is in perfect high technical harmony with the distillation process. These stills separate the toxins more efficiently in one single distillation process so the flavour is preserved more efficiently.


This unique new operation developed by Christin Carl Ing. Is able to separate with precision the foreshots (Methyl alcohol), Middle cut (Ethyl alcohol) and the feints and so producing perfect quality from a single distillation



The newly distilled spirit matures in their whisky cellar to become Waldviertler Whisky. A water well makes sure that the necessary humidity is maintained to reduce evaporation or commonly called the “Angels Share”.

The Waldviertler Whisky J.H. is stored in barrels made of Manhartsberger oak, that is grown locally and the oak wood infuses the whisky with a gentle vanilla flavour.


The barrels are used three times before they have to be disposed of.

During the first fill of the barrels, the whisky is stored for at least 3 years before it is filtered, diluted to the correct volume and then bottled.


The barrels are then filled a second time to store whisky for about 5 years before it is bottled.


To be able to fill the barrels a third time, they have to be taken apart and scorched (charred) and planed. These barrels are then used to store whisky for twelve to eighteen years.


All the whisky brands are offered at 50 to 60% Vol. (Cask strength).


Rye Whisky J.H.(Black top)

Finest rye whisky made from 60 % rye and 40% malt.

Original Waldviertler Whisky J.H.

The taste is harmonious balanced by the two corn varieties. Has a light vanilla flavour.

Stored in Manhartsberger summer oak casks



Pure Rye-Malt Whisky J.H. (Gold top)

Rye malt whisky made from 100% malted Rye

This brand is unique in Europe and has a gentle sweet taste of honey, produced by a special malting process of the rye, that harmonises perfectly with the light vanilla taste created by the Manhartsberger summer oak casks.


Special - Pure Rye-Malt Whisky J.H. “Nougat” (Gold top)


Rye malt whisky made from 100% dark malted rye.

The malt is roasted to a darker shade and that gives the whisky an intense malty taste with a touch of chocolate and nougat. Stored in Manhartsberger summer oak casks


Single Barley Malt Whisky J.H. (Silver top)


Barley Malt Whisky J.H. is made from 100% lightly malted barley.

The taste buds will notice a light crisp malty caramel flavour.

Stored in Manhartsberger summer oak casks.



Special - Single Barley Malt Whisky J.H. “Karamell” (Silver top)


Barley Malt Whisky J.H. “Karamell” is made from 100% barley roasted and malted to a dark shade.

The taste is smoky and dry, with an intense flavour of caramel due to the dark roasting of the barley.

Stored in Manhartsberger summer oak casks.

Whiskydestillerie J. Haider OG

A-3664 Roggenreith 3

Tel.: 02874 7496


Whisky Experience Visitor Centre


Please Check with the distillery before Travelling