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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Bakery Hill Distillery (Victoria)

Bakery Hill Australian Single Malt Whisky

The Bakery Hill distillery, North Balwyn, Victoria,


David Baker, a former biochemist, established Bakery Hill distillery (1998) in North Balwyn, Victoria. The first spirit was produced in 2000 with the first single malt whisky was made available in autumn 2003.


Three types of single malt whisky are available:

Classic “non peated”, with the malt coming from an Australian producer.

Peated, Initially the peated malt was imported from the UK this has now become available from an Australian producer.

Double Matured (ex-bourbon and French oak)


Both the Classic and Peated are available as cask strength bottlings


The distillery bottles single casks no marrying or blending of multi-casks, and does not chill-filter or use caramel to enhance the appearance of their whiskies.


The Classic, Peated and Double Matured are bottled at 46%. Cask Strength whiskies are bottled at approximately 60% Bottle size is 50cl


The barrels used have been broken down and rebuilt into 50 and 100 litre capacity casks to increase the ratio of wood to spirit contact.


Bakery Hill distillery is in southern Australia and has a lot higher temperatures (Compared with Scotland) combined with a drier air system that plays its part in the way that the spirit matures and gathers flavours from the wood.


Recent Developments


The two areas that Bakery Hill has chosen to tackle has been distillery waste utilisation and condenser water conservation


The distillery bi-products of spent grain and pot ale which just went to waste are now are sent to the Yarra Valley and used as stock feed or fertiliser. The real benefit is that these products remain in the food chain. Both cattle and pigs are the lucky recipients of this wonderful feed.


The Melbourne area has recently experienced a prolonged drought with dam and reservoir levels dropping to unprecedented lows.  The distillery looked at rainwater harvesting as the distillery has a very large roof area and at the moment huge amounts of water go directly to waste.


In 2008 the distillery completed the installation of a 2000 litre brewery giving complete control to the distillery from milling to bottling. Once this was installed and operating correctly with the distillery. The management undertook a complete systems engineering review on all operations.


It had been felt that or quite a while that  operations have been hampered with none standard fittings, pumps not in the perfect location and a myriad of other engineering problems by them selves not large enough to have to stop production to fix.


The decision was taken to “pull the plug” on production for several weeks “to get it right once and for all”. When the first batch went through after restart start the improvement in efficiency showed that it was well worth the down time.


The Bakery Hill Distillery range includes:

Bakery Hill Classic Single Malt,

Bakery Hill Peated Malt,

Bakery Hill Cask Strength Peated Malt,

Bakery Hill Cask Strength Classic Single Malt,

Bakery Hill Double Wood Malt

Bakery Hill Peated Malt "Cask 14".


Miniature Range of Classic, Peated and Double Matured


A 10 Litre Oak cask is available to order.

Bakery Hill Distillery

Registered Office:

28 Ventnor Street

North Balwyn Victoria 3104



Phone: +61 3 9857 7070


No Visitor Facilities