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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016 BenRiach Single Malt whisky Distillery and Malthouse.

BenRiach Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Speyside Distillery Information

BenRiach Malt Whisky Distillery History

The BenRiach Distillery was established by the Grant Family in 1898 on the same site as the Longmorn Distillery. Indeed, locally BenRiach was sometimes referred to as ‘Longmorn 2’.


However, the timing of the opening proves to be unfortunate, preceding the ‘Pattison Crash’ of 1900 by just a few months. This leaves widespread distillery closures and BenRiach is mothballed after just two years of production. The distillery remains closed until 1965, however BenRiach’s floor maltings remain in constant production during this period, providing malted barley for the fully operational Longmorn Distillery.


BenRiach is re-opened by Glenlivet Distillers Ltd, in 1965 having been almost totally rebuilt, and production re-convenes.


During1972 in addition to the regular distillation, a production of peated malt whisky commences. This move is a response to the increasing cost of Islay whisky due to a general industry shortage. With no Islay distillery in their portfolio, and with peated malt a key component in Seagram’s key blended whisky brands, the firm decided to produce their own peated Speyside, at BenRiach.


Glenlivet Distillers Ltd, and the various distilleries under their ownership, including BenRiach and Longmorn, is purchased by Canadian whisky firm Seagrams in 1978.


As production steps up, BenRiach is expanded from two stills to four in 1985.


In 1994 BenRiach is released for the first time as a single malt brand in its own right. The whisky is bottled at 10 years old / 43%, and is included as part of Seagram’s ‘Heritage Collection’ along with Strahisla (12YO), Glenkieth (1983) and Longmorn (15YO).


The BenRiach floor maltings are closed in 1999 after 101 years of uninterrupted operation. The maltings remain in good working order, and could be re-activated almost immediately.


2001 Seagrams are acquired by French firm Pernod Ricard Four distilleries in the group move to rotational production, distilling for just 3 months of the year; BenRiach, Allt a’Bhainne, Braeval and Caperdonich. These four distilleries are subsequently mothballed in August of 2002


2004 New Owners

In April 2004 BenRiach was acquired by an independent consortium, headed by Scotch Whisky industry veteran Billy Walker, and production re-convenes immediately, meaning the inventory is almost uninterrupted.


On the 7th of August 2004 the first bottling of BenRiach under the new owners takes place; BenRiach ‘Heart of Speyside’, 12, 16 and 20 years old, and the peated 10 years old are all bottled for the first time.


On the 20th of September 2004 the first distillation under the new owners is filled to cask. 96 ‘green’ (i.e. first-fill bourbon) barrels are filled, numbered 1 to 96, and are immediately transferred to the BenRiach warehouses for maturation, not to see the light of day for at least 12 years.

The BenRiach Distillery



IV30 8SJ


TEL: +44 (0) 1343 862888.


No Visitor Facilities 

However they do offer a Managers tour by appointment only.

Contact the distillery for details.

Founded in 1898 by the Grant Family

Location Speyside Lossie region

Water source Burnside springs


Distilling Equipment

Stainless steel mash tun,

8 Stainless steel washbacks,

2 wash stills 2 spirit stills.

Matured in American oak bourbon barrels and European sherry casks.


Malthouse, Distillery and  Dunnage warehouses Photo SlideShow

51 photographs taken around the distillery showing around the exterior of the distillery, the inside of the malt house, the stillroom and inside the traditional dunnage warehouses.

BenRiach Singe Malt Scotch Whisky Distillery Bottlings

Flagship Classic Speyside style.

‘Heart of Speyside’ (no age statement)

12 years old

16 years old

20 years old


BenRiach Wood Finishes

12 year old Pedro Ximienez, Sherry

15 year old in ; Dark Rum,  Madeira, Sherry, Tawney Port

16 year old Claret,

17 year old Burgundy, Rioja


Peated BenRiach Singe Malt Scotch Whisky

'Birnie Moss' PEATED

‘Curiositas’ PEATED 10 years old

Septendecim, PEATED 17 year old

‘Authenticus’ PEATED 21 years old

‘Authenticus’ PEATED 25 years old


BernRiach Limited Editions

25 years old

30 years old

40 years old

Horizons Triple Distilled 12 year old

Solstice 15 year old,17 year old

Firkin 32 year old

Vestige 1966


BenRiach Singe Malt Scotch Whisky Single Cask Limited editions

Covering various years and assorted ages from 1966 to 1988


BenRiach Distillery Blended Scotch Whisky

Glen Bervie Blended Scotch Whisky

Clan Murray Blended Scotch Whisky


Benriach Whisky Independent Bottlings  

Adelphi ,



Chieftains (Ian McLeod),

Connoisseurs Choice (Gordon & MacPhail),

Dewar Rattery

Dun Bheagan (Ian McLeod),

Duncan Taylor Collection

Old Malt Cask (Douglas Laing),

Provenance (Douglas Laing),


Whisky Galore (Duncan Taylor).

Benriach Scotch Whisky

Distillery Style Tasting Notes


BenRiach produces whisky in two  Styles

Non Peated and Peated


Non Peated

Nose: Light, malty, perfumed.


Palate: Very light and delicate. Barley-sugar sweetness, citrus fruits, oak and spices.

Finish :    Vanilla, oak, honey.



Nose: Fresh peat reek.


Palate: Sweet fresh peat, malt and spices.


Finish: Complex with peat, toffee vanilla and spice.


The Distillery Also "finishes" both versions in Wine Sherry Port and Rum Casks.

BenRiach Tasting Notes BenRiach Wood Finishes BenRiach Tasting Notes BenRiach Wood Finishes BUY WHISKY NOW

BenRiach Discontinued Distillery Bottlings.


12 years old  Sherry wood

over 12 years old Fine wood Finishes in:

Dark Rum, Pedro Ximienez, Tawny Port.


16 years old Sauternes Wood Finish


Peated Discontiued

' Arumaticus' PEATED over 12 years old

' Heredotus Fumosus' PEATED over 12 years old

' importanticus Fumosus' PEATED over 12 years old

13 years old Maderensis Fumosus Heavily Peated