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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Benromach Single Malt Scotch Whisky

"Wood Finish" Tasting Notes Review

Benromach Single Malt Scotch Whisky Marsala Wood finish 45%


Colour: Bright gold.



Nose: Sweet phenols with herbal/menthol notes. Sweet, fermented fruit aromas develop - ripe apples, grape juice


Palate: : Sweet fruits - grape skins followed by a drying smokiness. Toasted malt flavours also present


With water.

Nose: Malty aromas now to the fore with delicate peatiness. Subdued fruit notes - soft fruits, peaches and melons. A sweet vanilla note emerges.


Palate: Sweet fruits and peat smoke flavours compliment each other. Spices also present, reminiscent of mulled wine. Sweet oak note in the background.


Body: Balanced.


Finish: Mulled wine fruits with drying peatiness.


Cask Type: Matured in oak cask and finished in marsala cask for 36 months.

Whisky Style: Rich fruit flavours with sweet toffee notes and a delicate peaty



Benromach  Single Malt Scotch Whisky Madeira Wood Finish 45%


Colour: Golden amber.



Nose: Pronounced spice, sweet and floral notes. Reminiscent of a Madeira cake. Delicate wood influences interlaced with vanilla influences.


Palate: Mouth warming, initially spicy becoming more mellow. Heavy sweetness.


Finish: Long and drying.


With Water

Nose: Prominent sweetness, some delicate smoky influences and some spice evident.


Palate: Mouth watering, sweet smoke influences and a very subtle spice in the background.


Finish: Long and mellow.


Body: Light.


Cask Type: Matured in oak cask and finished in Madeira cask for 48 months.


Benromach  Single Malt Scotch Whisky Sassicaia Wood Finish  45%


Colour: Amber with a deep Ruby glow



Nose: Rich, dried fruits - blackberries, blackcurrants, hints of malt and spices with a touch of vanilla. Peat smoke lingers in the background.


Palate: Rich, sweet fruit flavours balanced by drier spice / pepper and smoke. The fruitiness develops along with a strong liquorice note.


With water

Nose: Sweet, malty aromas with hints of red berries. A subtle perfumed note has emerged. The peat smoke element still evident


Palate: Smokiness more to the fore with sweet, vanilla flavours. Burnt fruit and spices slowly develop


Body: Rich, mellow.


Finish: Rich, fruit with traces of peat smoke.


Cask Type: First fill Bourbon and Sherry casks followed by 27 months in Sassicaia casks.


Whisky Style: A beautiful balance between the rich Sassicaia and the fruit and peat smoke elements of the Benromach.


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