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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Buffalo Trace Single Barrel

Kentucky Straight Bourbons

Blanton’s Single Barrel

93 Proof “Rye Recipe”

Kentucky Straight Bourbon


The Original Single Barrel Bourbon

Winner of 5 Gold in International spirits competition in the last 5 years


Nose:- The nose is very deep and satisfying.


Taste:- The taste has a masterful start with powerful dry vanilla notes in perfect harmony with hints of honey amid the strong caramel. The long, creamy caramel holds the fort until some late soft peppers arrive to spice things up.


The underlying dryness amid the spice and honey really makes for bourbon that should suit all tastes and one to keep the discerning whiskey drinker almost purring with delight.


Jim Murray

Classic Bourbon, Rye and Tennessee Whiskey

Tasting Notes kindly supplied by the Buffalo Trace Distillery

Blanton’s Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Blanton’s Single Barrel Logo

Elmer t Lee

90 Proof, "Rye Recipe"

Kentucky Straight Bourbon


Wine Enthusiast rating: 91


Colour:- Medium gold;


Nose:-  brings notes of butterscotch, clover, vanilla, and old leather. The big body bears a palate with an almost wine-like character that balances intense fruits, honey, and vanilla with a light spiciness that shows off the distiller's craft.


Finish:- The finish is long and warm.



Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Tasting Notes kindly supplied by the Buffalo Trace Distillery.

Hancock’s Presidents Reserve

Single Barrel Bourbon


Wine Enthusiast rating: 88


Tasting Notes


Colour:-This Single Barrel Bourbon is deep amber in colour;


Nose:- the nose is light and sweet, with traces of mango and papaya.


Taste:- The body is full, and the palate shows a nice, if simple, balance of honey, clover, a slight fruitiness, and a dash of spices.


Finish:-  The finish is long and warm.


Comment:- A well crafted whiskey.Drink it on the rocks or in a Manhattan.

Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Tasting Notes kindly supplied by the Buffalo Trace Distillery

Rock Hill Farms

100 Proof, "Rye Recipe"

Kentucky Straight Bourbon.


Single Barrel Bourbon

“The World’s Greatest Bourbon”

Washingtonian Magazine


The nose presents hints of plums, candy, and papaya, and the medium body bears a simple palate with a touch of fruit, tobacco, and a pleasant minty backdrop.


Gary and Mardee Regan in The Bourbon Companion

Tasting Notes kindly supplied by the Buffalo Trace Distillery

Elmer T Lee Single Barrel Bourbon Hancocks Presidents Reserve  Single Barrel Bourbon Roch Hills Farm  Single Barrel Bourbon


Elmer T Lee,

Hancocks President Reserve,

Rock Hill Farms.

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Blanton's 40%ABV

Gold Origonal Single Barrel 46.5% 93 proof

80 proof

Takara 98 proof

uncut unfiltered 63,7%

Elmer T Lee Single Barrel 45%

Hancock Reserve Single Barrel 44.45%

Roch Hill Farms Single Barrel 50%