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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Box Whisky  Distillery (Sweden)

According to legend, any unauthorized person lifting the well lid will discover Mrs. Wiberg sitting in a rocking chair just above the water surface. she also climbs up the chimney at the Box Power Station every Thursday at the full moon to make her watchful presence.


With Mrs Wiberg permission the distillery will use this spring to produce Box Single Malt Whiskey.


Ådalen distilleries AB will invest in buildings and equipment for whiskey production in the Kramfors Municipality during 2009-2011.


The investment cost is estimated at 21.5 million. To be used for the completion of the production premises and the remaining production equipment to achieve a full capacity of 90 000 litres malt spirit per year from 2011.


Start of production is planned for the second quarter of 2010 and full production in 2011. First delivery of  their whiskey is expected to take place in year 2014. Additional capital will be needed through new share issues during the years 2010-2012.


The economic conditions for the company is calculated as follows. An equity

of 7.6 million, after the rights issue. An externally borrowed capital of 9.8 million distributed over banking and other financial institutions and a conditional capital (convertible bonds, etc.) in 3 million and a start-up from the County Administration / Nutek of 1.2 million.


The world's first green whiskey distillery.

The whiskey will be produced from organically grown malted barley  by local farmers The cultivation of  barley in northern Sweden must be developed and at first will have to be contracted out for cultivation in Götaland and Svealand.


Malt production should, as historically was customary at most whiskey distilleries, include self-production of malted barley in the distilleries own malt house. This is inline with the distillery’s aim of quality control from seed to malt


The water needed for distillation will be taken from Mrs Wiberg source. Other water for cooling, etc. will be drawn from Ångermanälven.


One of the distillery higher costs will be energy consumption. To reduce this cost, they plan to construct a biogas plant. This will produce as much biogas needed to become self-sufficient in steam and heat. Any surplus of biogas will be used to generate electricity and it is planned to cover a large part of the electrical needs. However until the biogas plant is in place, the boiler will be fired with bio-oil.


Ådalen distilleries AB will start production of Swedish malt using traditional Scottish methods. The old power plant building will accommodate the distillery equipment with traditional copper boilers to be able to produce 90 000 litres at 65% whiskey per year.


Ådalen distilleries AB will shortly:

- Acquire the Box Power building.

- Order the design of copper boilers and the power unit boiler..

- Award of contract for distillery construction.



A visitor centre, art gallery  with restaurant are also planned.

Box Distillery layout ideas

ADalen distilleries AB is to build Sweden's latest distillery for Swedish Malt whiskey in the old power plant building at Box. located at Ångermanälven beach in Marieberg, Bjärtrå in Kramfors Kommun.


Box is close to the hut village Koja in vindränkt land which means where vines are on water. With its high mountains sloping steeply down towards Ångermanälven, here the rain water filters  through rocks to create a clean, health-making spa spring water. Mrs. Wiberg source is perhaps the most famous of them all, located in the Box manor area at the foot of the Bier Hall.


Mrs Wiberg realized its power and value. She had the "power", the ability to read nature, feel the earth's force field and match blood. This water-healing force was for Mrs. Wiberg incredibly important and to this day she watches over this source.

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