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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Canadian Mist Whisky

The History of Today’s Light, Casual Taste


Like Kentucky and Tennessee, Canada has a tradition of crafting distilled spirits for over two centuries. The first Canadian distillery opened in Quebec City in 1769 and by the 1840s, more than 200 distilleries had sprung up across the country.  Settlers who harvested grain in the West did not have effective means to ship the grain eastward and thus turned the excess grain into whisky for their own consumption.


After surviving a brief prohibition period in Canada from 1916 to 1917, Canadian whisky entered the US cocktail scene when it enjoyed illicit distribution in American speakeasies during U.S. prohibition.


Canadian whisky saw a second resurgence in popularity during the 1960s when white spirits like vodka were introduced. Americans were opting for a smoother, more mixable taste and Canadian whisky fit the profile perfectly.   (The Canadian whisky category remains the second largest distilled spirits category in the U.S. today).


Canadian Mist was introduced during this time period to meet the rising demand for a lighter whisky. A distillery was established in 1967 on the Georgian Bay; one of the largest sources of freshwater in the world, and production of Canadian Mist began. The distillery still operates in Collingwood, Ontario, today and continues to use pure, fresh water from the Georgian Bay.


The light, smooth taste of Canadian Mist has been recognized by spirits enthusiasts and consumers alike as shown by the gold medal awarded to Canadian Mist at the 2005 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Canada Mist Tasting Notes


Colour: - Medium Honey


Nose: - Soft with hints of vanilla, caramel and dark fruit.  A faint trace of cinnamon spice and light oak notes lingers on


Taste: - Soft with a light caramel sweetness that dissolves into a mild oak with hints of spice and fruit.


Finish: - Clean and cooling with a quick fade



Nestled in between the Blue Mountain and the Georgian Bay in beautiful Collingwood, Ontario, Canadian Mist whisky is made with the purest natural resources North America has to offer.  


Canadian Mist is the only whisky to source its water from the Georgian Bay, one of the largest bodies of freshwater in the world, and all of the grains used in its production are grown in Canada.


In fact, the entire production process from harvesting the grain to triple distillation to maturation in charred oak barrels, takes place in Canada.  The result is an award-winning smooth whisky surpassed only by the natural beauty that surrounds its distillery.


The Grain

Canadian Mist contains corn and rye, both grown locally in Ontario as well as malted barley. Only the finest grain is selected for production, a critical aspect of maintaining Canadian Mist’s gold-medal taste. The corn gives Canadian Mist its light taste, while the malt adds delicacy.


The Water

The water supply is fundamentally important to the quality of Canadian Mist, which is why the distillery sits right on the Georgian Bay, a pure body of water which drains from the Canadian Shield. The Canadian Shield is the central rock structure of North America. Millions of years ago the Canadian Shield was all mountains, until glaciers moved over the shield forming the land and creating thousands of lakes and valleys as they melted.



Canadian Mist is triple-distilled for an unmatched smoothness and wonderful taste.


The Barrels

Only the finest white oak barrels, charred to impart a smooth, vanilla flavor, are used in the making of Canadian Mist. Because of its connection with parent company and whisky giant, Brown-Forman Corp., Canadian Mist is able to trace the history of its barrels closely. The newer the barrel, the more flavor Canadian Mist is able to draw from the toasted and seasoned wood in a short amount of time. At Canadian Mist the barrel will only be used for a limited number of production cycles to ensure quality of the whisky.



Year-round maturation is a difficult task to achieve in Canada considering whisky “hibernates” or draws into the barrel when cold weather hits.  To combat this, a special temperature-controlled facility is used during the production of Canadian Mist so it is able to mature year-round rather than simply in the spring and fall. Canadian Mist is the only Canadian whisky to use this maturation process allowing the whisky to become more mature and full-bodied.



With such a smooth, light taste, Canadian Mist is the perfect ingredient in cocktails as well as on the rocks

Canadian Mist Distillers Ltd


202 MacDonald Rd

Collingwood ,

ON  L9Y 4J2

Phone: (705) 445-4690 .