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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Catoctin Creek Distilling Company (VA)

Mosby's Spirit, Roundstone Rye Whisky

Imges kindly supplied by  "Catoctin Creek Distilling Company, LLC"


Catoctin Creek Distilling Company was founded by Becky and Scott Harris in 2009 and is the first family-owned distillery in Loudoun County Virginia since before prohibition.


Located in Purcellville, Virginia, in the heart of the Loudoun Valley. Loudoun County, often called D.C.'s Wine Country, is home to more than twenty vineyards and wineries, and now has a distillery.


The name "Catoctin" is a regional name. Pronounced Ka-TOCK-tin, the name derives from the Indian tribal name "Kittocton" which, legend has it, meant "place of many deer". Catoctin describes a range of mountains and the creek which flows picturesquely into the Potomac River and Chesapeake Watershed.


Producing award winning, high quality organic spirits and liqueurs: Rye whiskeys from organic sources, brandy from Virginia wines, and seasonal specialty liqueurs. At Catoctin Creek, high quality and organic spirits and liqueurs are their passion.


“At Catoctin Creek, we believe in high quality food and spirits. Organic means higher quality: grain and fruit, sourced locally when possible, free of pesticides and chemical additives that would come through in the spirits we produce. Sure, it is more difficult to produce organically, but the results speak for themselves. And kosher is another way to respect the tradition of high quality foods.”


Catoctin Creek Distilling Company Founders CV



Becky graduated with honours from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. As a chemical engineer, she worked at companies like Amoco, YDK America, and CIBA, specializing in industrial processes and production systems. Yet, Becky is also a generous volunteer at both school and through church. A voracious reader, there is no book that is safe from her scrutiny, whether on spirits or any other topic. At home, she is a gourmet cook, and shows enormous creativity with recipes and business ideas. If there is a fruit, vegetable, tuber or root with starch or sugar in it, you can bet that Becky will try to distil it.



Scott graduated with honours from Georgia Tech. He has spent the last twenty years building a software career in telecommunication systems and government IT solutions. However, Scott is a great lover of all things Epicurean. He and his father-in-law are the self-proclaimed Sausage Kings, producing a few small batches of chorizo and venison bratwurst each year. But liquors of all types are his greatest love (besides Becky, of course). Whiskeys from Scotland, Ireland and the United States. Brandy from France and Germany. And an eclectic German bitters called Boonekamp--the first liquor he ever tried, at age five! "It's good for the digestive!" as his old adopted German grandmother used to say.


Catoctin Creek Distilling Company Distillery Ethics

“At Catoctin Creek, we support our local economy in a variety of ways.  More than just profiting from the sales of our products, we desire to build a business that supports others in our local community.  For instance, buying produce from local farms, orchards and vineyards supports the small-scale independent farmer and prevents the further loss of our critical family-owned farm resources“.


“Our spent rye mash is collected and given away freely to farmers as an organic and nutrient-rich livestock feed.  Indeed, we are overjoyed when we hear how much the animals in our county love and devour what would be a waste by-product to other industries.  Working with several local farmers in the county, we are able to ensure a free and nutritious source of food for their animals, while minimizing the impact to landfill and sewage systems.”


“Whenever possible, we buy our inventory and services from local businesses.  Our boxes come from Maryland; our organic certification is performed from southern Pennsylvania; our kosher certification is headquartered in Baltimore.  This helps us not only minimize our cost for shipping and transportation, but it also bolsters the local economy.  Additionally, we attend and support various local organizations including the Small Business Development Centre, the Loudoun Convention and Visitors Association and the Planters Farm Club, to name a few. “


Catoctin Creek is certified Kosher by the Star-K certification agency. Certification includes Mosby's Spirit, Roundstone Rye Whisky, and Watershed Gin, which all bear the Star-K certification mark.


Kosher certification is performed under the rabbinical supervision of Rabbis Moshe Heinemann and Eliyahu Shuman, who are among the world's foremost experts on Jewish law and kashrus, and Rabbi Tzvi Rosen, editor of Star-K’s quarterly journal, Kashrus Kurrents, and an expert on liquors and industrial kashrus.


Catoctin Creek is certified organic by Pennsylvania Certified Organic.


Catoctin Creek Distilling Company Whisky


Catoctin Creek Mosby's Spirit

Mosby's Spirit recalls the tradition of clear grain spirits common in the 19th century. This spirit hearkens back to the fierce independence that forged the nation despite the conflict that almost destroyed it.


Catoctin Creek Mosby's Spirit is an award winning, delicious rye "white whisky", with a velvety smooth, sweet and undeniably pleasing cereal taste with floral notes and citrus.


Awarded a bronze medal in the American Distilling Institute 2010 Whiskey Competition in Louisville, KY, Catoctin Creek organic Mosby's Spirit is incredibly versatile as a mixer, giving a new grainy sweetness to traditional vodka or rum cocktails. It can also be used in many recipes calling for whisky. Mix a little in with some fresh squeezed lemonade for a cool summer treat. Honestly, the possibilities are endless.


Catoctin Creek Organic Roundstone Rye

When you take Catoctin Creek Mosby's Spirit, and you age it in oak for a time, you end up with a very special rye whisky!  The hardest of all whiskeys to produce, rye whisky is an old time favourite that is new once again. 


It has a delicious woody taste, with notes of caramel, rich butter toffee, and just a hint of lemon in the nose.


Catoctin Creek Roundstone Rye is one of the only organic whiskeys in the entire nation.  Roundstone Rye is a great mixer in Manhattans, or any recipe calling for Canadian or rye whisky.  And unlike most rye whiskies available today, ours is never blended with inferior neutral grain spirits--only 100% pure organic rye.  Delicious mixed, on the rocks, or neat. 


The distillery also produces

Catoctin Creek Organic Watershed Gin


Catoctin Creek Virginia Brandy


Catoctin Creek Fruit Liqueurs



District of Columbia, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Tennessee, Virginia,  Wyoming

Catoctin Creek Distilling Company

37251-C East Richardson Lane


VA 20132-3505

United States

[email protected]

Telephone + 1-540-751-8404


Tours and Distilling Workshop Available

Please Contact the distillery to confirm before travelling

Catoctin Creek Distilling Company Whiskies


Mosby's Spirit A un-aged Rye white whisky


Roundstone Rye


"515" is a private label whisky designed specifically for the J&G Steakhouse, and can only be enjoyed at the W Hotel and its restaurants in Washington DC.