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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Daftmill Scotch Whisky

Lowland  Distillery Information

Daftmill Lowland Malt Whisky Distillery Daftmill Lowland Malt Whisky Distillery Daftmill Lowland Malt Whisky Distillery

Set in the heart of Fife, using their own barley, grown on the Daftmill Farm, and sparkling water from the distilleries artesian well they are set to produce the finest of malt whiskies.


The Cuthbert family have grown malting barley in the Howe of Fife for six generations. Daftmill is a family farm where, besides distilling whisky, they grow potatoes, malting barley and have a fine herd of beef cattle.


However, with the completion of a new micro-distillery on the farm, the family now hope to capture the spirit of the land in a bottle.

In 2003 Francis and Ian Cuthbert applied for planning permission to turn the old mill buildings, which date back to Napoleonic times, into a distillery. Apart from the copper stills, which were made in Rothes, the owners tried to ensure all the work has been carried out by people within a five mile radius of the farm


 The license to distil was granted by Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs on St Andrews Day 2005 and the first whisky was produced on 16th December 2005, making Daftmill the newest distillery to open in Scotland.


What Tatlock & Thomson, Analytical & Consulting Chemists had to say about Daftmill:


“The site has a wonderful source of abundant natural water lying just below an alluvial plane of sand and gravel laid down during the last ice age.


The distillery itself is housed within beautiful restored stone farm buildings and has been traditionally designed. The distillery uses home grown barley of the highest quality malted to modern specifications.”

So why the "daft" name?


Because of the local topography the stream appears to run uphill!

So local people called this backward-running burn the "Daft" Burn.

Inevitably, the mill that it powered became known as "Daft Mill".

Please be patient - the whisky is not for sale yet. It is lying quietly maturing in  bond.

Daftmill Distillery

By Cupar


KY15 5RF


Telephone: 01337 830303


Daftmill Distillery is not open to the public.


They are a small, working “farm” distillery and do not have a visitor centre or any suitable facilities.


However they may be able to offer a guided tour to certain small interested groups or parties, by appointment.


If you would like to discuss the possibility of a guided visit to Daftmill Distillery please contact the distillery.


Permission Granted in  2003 to   Francis and Ian Cuthbert

Location Lowland By Cupar Fife.

Water Source Artisan Well on site.

Barley grown on farm malted at Crisps of Alloa

One tonne semi-lauter mash tun with a copper dome

2 Stainless steel washbacks

Pair os Stills - wash still 3.00 litre Spirit still 1600 litre with slightly ascending lyne arms.

Matured in ex-bourbon casks with some sherry butts in two dunnage warehouses