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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

DYC (Spanish Whiskey)

The birth of DYC

During the 1950s consumption of spirits in Spain was dominated by brandies, Don Nicomedes, an entrepreneurial and tenacious man assembled a team of partners and collaborators to undertake what in Spain at the time represented an adventure: the distillation and marketing of whiskey.


In February 1959 the Whisky Distilleries SA in Palazuelos de Eresma (Segovia) was founded, which gave birth to the Whisky DYC. At the time there was a need to develop specific rules for a Spanish whiskey as the use of grain alcohol for human consumption had not been allowed Spain. Whiskey was the preserve exclusively of the Irish, Scots and Americans.


Don Nicomedes worked with the administration and established how Spanish whiskey should be developed, setting a minimum maturing time and introduced regulations that did not allow the importation of whiskey in bulk to be bottled in Spain.


In the same year 900,000 litres of malt was distilled at Palazuelos de Eresma. In 1963, after proper maturing, bottling and marketing operations began. This distillery followed best Scottish distillery practise, convinced that the only way to compete was to produce a whiskey of the same or better quality than those made there. It also had the advantage that they could sell at a price more affordable by having less tax than imported drinks carried at the time.


With effort and sacrifice, Whisky DYC has become popular and is well established in Spain Its strong growth enabled the company in 1968 to acquire a distillery in Scotland, Destillerie Macnab Ltd, in response to growing demand.


Since then, investments have continued both in distillation and warehousing. Proof of this is that in 1974 launched DYC 8, the quality, aroma, character and authenticity were soon appreciated by consumers of whiskey.


DYC Corporate

In 1990 Pedro Domecq SA acquired Whisky DYC SA, which led to the integration of other signature Domecq brands such as Scotch Double-V, previously produced and bottled in Barajas de Melo (Cuenca). The Castellana Aniseed distillery was purchased in 1992..


Two years later the relocation and expansion of Palazuelos de Eresma took place when the group came under the control of Allied Lyons and was renamed Allied Domecq. In 2006, Beam Global Spirits & Wine Inc., wines and spirits division of Fortune Brands, bought the former business as well as a large number of Allied Domecq brands held in Spain, among which was DYC .


Beam Global Spain, a subsidiary created by Beam Global Spirits & Wine Inc, is currently one of the leading companies in the spirits sector, with a market share exceeding 13%, a staff of 425 employees and production facilities in Jerez de la Frontera, El Puerto de Santamaría (Cádiz), Tomelloso (Ciudad Real), Palazuelos de Eresma and Valverde del Majano (Segovia).


As well as whiskey DYC the company markets other prestigious brands such and as Larios, Larios 12, Anise Castellana, Jim Beam, Maker's Mark, RonRico, Courvoisier, Sauza Hornitos, Brandys Centenary Founder and bestselling sherry in the world, Harveys Bristol Cream.


The Distilleries

Palazuelos de Eresma (Segovia) Distillery is located in a privileged setting, bordering the river Eresma, famous for the excellent quality of its waters, which run on granitic soils. In addition, the Community of Castilla y Leon has an excellent reputation for producing barley. At the Palazuelos space was insufficient so the blending and bottling was transferred to Valverde del Majano (Segovia) where there is also Anise Castellana.


The DYC Distilleries carry out the main production processes - distilling both Malt and grain together, which is unusual, since even in Scotland the two types of distillation are normally at a different locations (except for Loch Lomand).


They also, have an on-site Malt House for the germination of barley which is converted into malt. This process is now almost unique in a distillery, and today there are only 4 distilleries in Scotland that have a Malt House in use.


Whiskey Portfolio

The Palazuelos de Eresma distillery produces and distributes three expressions of the brand, DYC, DYC 8 and the latest addition DYC Pure Malt. The key to developing a good whiskey is to be faithful to tradition, a practise that the distillery has continued to provide.


DYC Whiskey

DYC is a blended whiskey distilled from malt (malted barley) and grain alcohol (corn) and matured in American oak barrels for a minimum period of 3 years following the Scottish traditional process. This gives a quality, aroma and unique flavour. DYC is ideal for creating the distillate, and for decades, favored by the young Spanish consumers.


DYC Whiskey Tasting Notes

Colour: Straw gold

Nose: Clean with a touch of toasted oak and spicy fruit

Palate: Peat, spices, soft and creamy in the mouth

Finish: Smoky, spicy

Bottled as: 150cl. 100cl. 70cl. 5cl.


DYC 8 Years Whiskey

DYC 8 Years Whiskey was launched in 1974. It is a delicate blend of malts and grain distillate with a quality, aroma, character and authenticity accepted by consumers.

Each of its components is separately aged for a minimum of 8 years in American oak barrels. Its characteristic formula is faithfully maintained over generations, round and intense flavours. One of the messages to highlight is a clear benefit to the consumer: "More for the same price," eight years of aging at the price of Standard Whiskey.


DYC 8 Years Whiskey Tasting Notes

Colour: golden amber

Nose: florals, spices, smoked, fresh herbs, touch of honey and heather

Palate: Soft and creamy on the palate, with hints of vanilla, peat, marzipan, apple and citrus

Finish: Bittersweet, long on the palate and soft finish

Bottled as: 70cl. 5cl.


DYC Pure Malt Whiskey

Research and development at Palazuelos de Eresma has invested in passion and expertise to bring to life DYC Pure Malt. A careful selection of Malt, purity of the river Eresma and the distillation process developed since 1959 provide a distinctive flavour to DYC Pure Malt. Intense notes of vanilla and fruit make up the personality of this unique single malt with a mild and pleasant finish.

With this new distillate, one of the boldest projects undertaken by this distillery, DYC becomes part of the single malt category. After half a century since the creation of the first Spanish whiskey, DYC produced a pure unmixed variety,


DYC Pure Malt Tasting Notes

Colour: Amber

Intense nose: fragrant, citrus twist, Dulce, vanilla aroma with sophisticated

Palates: Miel, vanilla, round in mouth, intense flavour of Malt / Peat

Finish: Largo, complex, complete with subtle touches of heather, and fruits MIELE



The "Collection Barrels" was developed by the research team at DYC. This is a line of products based on different types of barrels and the aging time as a differentiator in this collection. Barrel aging is part of the process of production of whiskey and, therefore, the type of cask used; define the character and features such as texture, flavour and aroma.

This first edition of the "Collection Barrels" DYC Single Malt barley has been developed from selected crops in Castilla y Leon and has been bottled after 10 years of aging in American oak bourbon barrels.


DYC Single Malt "COLLECTION BARRELS" Whiskey Tasting Notes

First Edition Single DYC Malt "collection barrel"

Colour: Intense amber Dorado.

Nose: ahumado touch, Dulce, intense aroma with vanilla.

Palate: MIELE, vanilla, with intense malt flavour, smooth and round in mouth.

Finish: Complex, with touches of fruits.

Half a century after its creation DYC has become one of the most endearing and heartfelt brands by the Spanish people. In 1919 Don Nicomedes Garcia, 18 at the time, took over a modest distillery (Anise Castellana) that his father had founded 25 years previously in the town of Valverde del Majano (Segovia).