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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Eagle Rare Bourbon Whiskey

Tasting Notes Review

Eagle Rare 101 Proof 10 year old Bourbon Whiskey


101 proof, “Rye Recipe” Kentucky Straight Bourbon.


Wine Enthusiast rating: 96


Tasting Notes


Colour:-  deep amber


Nose:- This bourbon has a sweet, oaky nose and an unusual herbaceous quality.


Taste:- The body is full, while the palate offers a complexity that's hard to find in most bourbons--deep fruit, a touch of honey, and even some smokiness.


Comment:- This bottling breaks all the rules, as it is reminiscent of a fine port. Drink it neat.

Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Tasting Notes kindly supplied by the Buffalo Trace Distillery.


Eagle Rare Single Barrel 10 year old Bourbon Whiskey

101 proof, “Rye Recipe” Kentucky Straight Bourbon.


Tasting Notes


Colour:- The bright honey/topaz color shows sparkling bronze core features impeccable purity;


Nose:- the early aromas include gentle grain, toasted honey-wheat bread, and tobacco leaf with aeration, the aroma quickly transforms into a pedal-to-the-metal Bourbon bouquet as evolved scents of ripe banana and charcoal tweak the olfactory sense in the middle stage whiffs -- fragrances of lanolin, almond butter, melon, and oil accent the toastiness beautifully -- it's a somewhat restrained, or better, understated aroma but I sense lots of power lying just beneath the surface;


Taste:- my, my, my, what have we here -- in the mouth, this oily, toasty beauty seduces the taste buds at palate entry with dry flavours of cereal grain and mild oak resin -- the mid-palate tastes explode on the tongue in unabashedly sweet and oily flavours of black raisins, grape- fruit, charred oak, and candied almonds;


Finish:- the finish is long, corny sweet, moderately fiery, and lasciviously oily; easily one of the most tactile yet assertive and expressive Bourbons I’ve tasted in the last two years; fasten your seat belts.

Paul Pacult, The Spirit Journal

Tasting Notes kindly supplied by the Buffalo Trace Distillery.


Eagle Rare 17-Year-Old Bourbon Whiskey

90 Proof, "Rye Recipe" Kentucky Straight Bourbon



Wine Enthusiast rating: 96


Tasting Notes


Colour and Nose:- This deep, burnished-gold whiskey has a somewhat fragrant nose, and the aromas develop an almost wine-like character, with a hint of almonds lurking in the backdrop.


Taste:- The body is big and silky, and the palate is far spicier than the nose leads you to believe, but there are also violet notes here, along with a touch of caramel and a hint of old leather.


Finish:- The finish is very leathery, and very long.

This whiskey earned a great rating, but lovers of previous bottlings of Eagle Rare should know that this seems to bear a completely different style---it’s far greater than either the 10-or 15-year old.

Wine Enthusiast Magazine 

Tasting Notes kindly supplied by the Buffalo Trace Distillery.

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