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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

English Whisky Distilleries

Adnams Copper House Distillery  Southwold

Mainly producing Gin and Vodka, Makes  Whisky in batches.

So far released No1 Single Malt Whisky

No2 Triple Grain Whisky


Cotswold Distillery

December 2014 went into production, spirit now maturing

Coxwold Distillery Page


English Whisky Company

St George's Distillery

Englands First Dedicated Whisky Distillery for over 100 Years

English Whisky Co Page


Lakes Distillery

Cumbria Distillery  After testing during Autumn 2014 went into production in December Spirit now maturing.

Lakes Distillery Page


London Distillery Company

London's first whisky distillery since Lea Valley closed its doors for the final time over a century ago, In production waiting for the first whisky casks to mature


St Austell Brewery  and Healey’s Cyder Farm

Hicks & Healey Cornish Single Malt Whiskey



Cornwall’s first whiskey in 300 years was born from a handshake between two local, forward-thinking, independent family businesses; St Austell Brewery (brewer of the South West’s favourite ales and the region’s leading pub company and wholesaler) and Healey’s Cyder Farm (the award-winning craft cyder farm and Cornwall’s only brandy distillery).


The partnership brings expertise in brewing and distillation together for the first time in England, resulting in a quality whiskey made with passion and integrity.


The idea was initially the inspiration of St Austell Brewery’s Head Brewer, Roger Ryman, who has nursed his passion for whiskey since cutting his teeth in the Scottish drinks business several decades ago.


Made with Maris Otter barley grown in Trerulefoot, south-east Cornwall, and clear, soft spring water, the wash was mixed at St Austell Brewery’s traditional Victorian brew-house, before being transferred to Healey’s Farm and passed through a double distillation in a unique, traditional copper pot still (made by third generation coppersmiths, Forsyths, in Rothes, Scotland).


At only 1200 litres, it’s the smallest legal still in the country and ensures longer interaction between the spirit and the copper. The best cut was then collected and filled into high quality American bourbon charred casks where it has gained character and colour as it has rested in the steady, Cornish climate for seven years.


Notes of spice, honey and barley combine with delicate fruits and hints of cocoa and caramel before a late vanilla finish, to make this whiskey “faultless and almost beautiful beyond words” Jim Murray.


Closed English Distilleries

English Distilleries normally produced Gin Some did produce whisky and these details will be added if and when further information comes available.


Bankhall Distillery Founded 1790 Sandhills Liverpool  produced grain and malt whisky Closed


Belmont Distillery Founded 1825? by Jean Jaques Saintmarc  Vauxhall  Closed


Black Swan Distillery High Holborn (Fetter Lane) London - In the Gordon Riots of 1780, this Catholic-owned business was attacked and set alight. Rioters drank themselves senseless and then died in the flames, in scenes immortalised in Dickens’ Barnaby Rudge. James Buchanan (Black & White Fame) acquired  the distillery in 1898 for £87,000  however he had the property remodelled as a bottling plant. Closed


Bristol Distillery Cheese Lane, St Philips Founded  around 1761 . It was owned by Thomas Castle and Co. in 1821, Thomas Harris and Co. in 1830, and by the Board family who named it the Bristol Distilling Company in 1863. Closed


By 1887, it employed 100 and used three pot stills with capacities of 10,000, 7,000 and 6,000 gallons, and patent stills for the grain spirit.

The company was taken over by DCL just after the First World War - produced grain whisky  Closed


Hull Distillery Salt End Hull Founded 1922  Industrial alcohol production Taken over by DCL in 1925 - Closed


Lea Valley Distillery, Straford, London (founded in the late 19th century) - produced both grain and malt whisky Closed.


Mile End Distilllery London Founded A.W. Ridley before 1891 was involved in producing Welsh Whisky through the Royal Welsh Whisky company. It was very successful and was marketed as 'the most wonderful whisky that ever drove the skeleton from the feast'.Closed


Millbank Distillery 2 Grosvenor Road London Founded before 1898

(also known as Thames Bank Distillery) was a London gin distillery owned and operated by Seager Evans and Co. The company's most well known product, Seagers Gin, and was produced up until the early 20th century. Closed.


The site was leased from the Duke of Westminster, and the final lease expired in 1921.By 1923 the company had moved to new premises at Deptford, and the former site of Millbank Distillery was occupied by a garage for the British Motor Cab Co. Today the site forms part of the Churchill Gardens housing estate. - Closed


Old Seager Gin Distillery Brookmill Road Deptford London

Founded before 1921 Also known as Deptford Distillery Area redeveloped in 2006 Closed


Old Swan Distillery Holborn London 

Founded before 1898 by Sir Arthur Young

Also known as Anderson's Distillery.The buildings was once used as the HQ for James Buchanan's Closed


Schiedam Distillery Lower Shadwell, London 

Gin Dutch Genveer  Founded before 1821 Closed


Seel Street Distillery  Seel Street Liverpool

Founded before 1891 by H. Woodward Closed


St. Andrew's Distillery 49 Clerkenwell Road London E.C. 

Founded before 1895



Thames Bank Distillery London See Millbank


Three Mills Distillery London Founded 1889?

Former working mills on the River Lea in the East End of London, one of London’s oldest  industrial centres

Ownership changed relatively frequently during the 17th to the late 19th centuries, until 1872 when it was purchased by gin distillers J&W Nicholson & Co of Clerkenwell. Initially producing Lamplighter Gin on site, the company eventually moved production of all of their brands to the site. Distilling ceased in 1941 during the rationing shortages of World War II. headed by Sir Richard Nicholson, sold the business to the Distillers Company.



Tooley Street Distillery London Founded before 1899

Boord & Sons Distillery and Warehouses Closed


Vauxhall Distillery Liverpool

founded in 1781 by Robert Preston & Co and then bought out in 1857 by Archibald Walker & Co of the Adelphi Distillery, Glasgow, had an annual output of two million gallons and employed 150 people

Produced grain whisky until it closed very early in the 20th century


Wandsworth Distillery London 

Founded before 1827 by Attlee Also known as Attlee's Distillery

Also possibly known as Watney's distillery Wandsworth