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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Famous Grouse Blended Malt

Scotch Whisky Review

Famous Grouse Blended Malt Whisky

As well as the renowned blends Famous Grouse also create a range of blended malts or as we prefer to call them Vatted Malts made up of malt whiskies from more than one malt distillery.


These whiskies in the past have been bottled as a vintage as the year they where distilled. However Famous grouse has changed to a age statement for the youngest whisky that goes in to the bottle.  


Famous Grouse Blended Malt Whisky

(no-age statement)

Why interfere with nature when the results are this inspiring? Famous Grouse let the finest single malt whiskies mature at their own pace, before individually selecting the casks that will come together in The Famous Grouse Malt.


The light floral nose and light appearance give way to a fully-fledged but youthful Speyside sweetness, an incredibly smooth malt whisky.


Availability Chile, Cyprus, South Africa, Taiwan.


Famous Grouse  Blended Malt Whisky 10 year old

The 10 Year Old is deep gold,


With a nose that's soft, mellow and with just a hint of ripe oranges.


In the mouth, it's equally inspiring: soft, with mellow oak and chocolate orange


The finish stays for as long as you'd hope - rich and medium sweet.

Availability UK


Famous Grouse  Blended Malt Whisky 12 year old

Golden to the eye;


Soft, mellow and oaky citrus on the nose -


The palate gets its reward too. Silky-soft with soft fruits and well-balanced oak,


The finish is long and rewarding.


Availability Benelux, Nordic Region, South Africa, Taiwan USA.

Global Travel Retail (Asia)


Famous Grouse  Blended Malt Whisky 15 year old

The first clue to maturity is in the full golden colour;


The second in the potent aroma of deep sherry and candy apples.


The Famous Grouse 15 Year Old is an incredibly smooth malt. In the mouth, candy apples appear once more - with vanilla and a generally soft and mature flavour whisky.


Availability Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Global Travel Retail (Asia)


Famous Grouse  Blended Malt Whisky 18 year old

Altogether darker and deeper, The Famous Grouse 18 Year Old is rich amber to the eye -


With jasmine, soft oak and real depth on the nose.


This richness carries over to the palate: spices and dried fruits combine to produce a truly fully flavoured malt whisky.


Availability Australia, Benelux, New Zealand, Russia South Africa, Taiwan USA.

Global Travel Retail


Famous Grouse  Blended Malt Whisky 21 year old

You have to see, smell and taste for yourself to appreciate the smoothness of this exceptional malt whisky.


Rich and amber,


The nose reveals similar depths - rosehips, cinnamon and vanilla.


The taste? Rich and fully flavoured, with chocolate notes, spices, citrus and vanilla. A long, spicy finish helps the enjoyment linger.


Availability Hong Kong, Singapore, Global Travel Retail (Asia)


Famous Grouse  Blended Malt Whisky 30 year old

Time and cask work for over 30 years.


Worth every year of its long maturing, this wonderfully clear, dark,russet whisky


Releases a bouquet packed with pineapple, citrus oil and cedar wood.

The rich, sweet palate is just as satisfying, shot through with oak and mixed peel.


And as you’d expect of such a well-aged whisky,it leaves a lingering, rich, sweet finish.


Availability Australia, Hong Kong, Russia South Africa, Taiwan Global Travel Retail (Asia)



Famous Grouse  Blended Malt Whisky Vintages 1987, 1989, 1992