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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Warenghem Distillery

Breton Whisky

Founded: 1st July 1900 as a family business, now led by Gilles Leizour, with more  than a century experience in the production of fine liqueurs and spirits. On that date the Warenghem family moved from the Nord Pas de Calais  to the pink granite coast at Lannion.


Leon Warengham, the founder of  the distillery creates the Elixir of Brittany. a blend of 35 plants won awards in 1901 and 1902 at the International Exhibitions of Brest and Bordeaux, before gaining an international reputation, particularly overseas.


The Elixir of Brittany is still marketed, celebrating 110 years in 2010. 


The son, Henry takes over in 1919 and started creating liquors. Mint, cassis, cherry and kirsch, gaining a good reputation through the network of wholesalers and wine merchants in western France. The distillery is gradually transformed into production of industrial liquors.


Yves Leïzour gains control of  the distillery in 1967 and in partnership with Paul-Henri, the last Warenghem. They transfer the distillery from downtown Lannion to the outskirts to the source of Avel Rest (home of the wind), which provides a clean water supply. The regional nature of the products are complimented with liqueur Strawberry Plougastel. The companies core market base is moving towards the supermarkets. 


In 1983 Gilles Leïzour arrives, a pharmacist always looking for innovative ways to improve the distillery, which was undergoing a somewhat difficult period. The creation in 1984 of Chouchen Melmor a milestone in the company  development  provides the distillery a little freedom to consider larger projects


In 1987 the Warenghem distillery  began  producing and marketing Breton whisky in the traditional Celtic style. Produced from peated and non-peated barley. The whisky is then matured in oak barrels for a period of 3 years. 


The Warenghem distillery aims to develop new and improved its whiskies  and initially  offered the Breton Blended whisky. This was followed by , Armorik, single malt whisky and Breizh, a blended whisky.


In 1999 the distillery  released the Armorik, a single malt distilled twice in traditional stills. Since then several versions have been released including blends.


In Bretagne, an ancient land related to Ireland and Scotland, where the Celtic soul continues to live, the Breton whiskey is located in an environment conductive to optimal aging. This rough land with a maritime climate is very iodized and embellished with sudden stormy weather gives the whiskey a strong temperament, a typical Breton…


Exclusively distilled at the Warenghem Distillery and matured the tradition way, oak barrels in the distillery cellars,  the whiskey delivers the richness and nobility of a fine whiskey, typically Celtic ... like no other.


Breton Blended Whisky


This blended whisky is composed of 25% malt  and 75% of  grain whisky

Distilled twice in pot stills to a high specification, then aged for three years. 


With its peaty taste and richness of its various flavours, It will delight the palate. Well rounded with a long finish.


Nose: Fresh and woody, it is rapidly moving toward caramelized notes backed by cereals.


Palate: Subtle on the palate, it appears vegetable, Floral and fruity. Marine notes, iodine, can be discovered.


Finish: marked by a slight grain and sea spray .


Armorik Breton Single Malt Whisky


The combination of malted barley, water and Breton granite is subjected to a double Distillation. The whiskey is aged for many years in oak barrels in the distillery cellars. The whiskey is then transferred to sherry casks for further maturation.


Available as a 7 year old  (Blue Label) double maturation in fresh Briton oak and sherry butts


Also as a 4 year old matured in bourbon barrels with a slight sherry finish (Black and White Label).


Following the silver medal awarded in the  Los Angeles Spirits Competition in 2008, The Armorik, Breton Single Malt Whiskey, has received high marks in the new edition of the Whisky Bible by Jim Murray. (91/100)


The quality of the whiskey has allowed the distillery to be awarded a tender from the Swedish monopoly for the distribution of alcohol in 2010.


Armorik -Breton Single Malt Whisky


Colour: gold


Nose: notes of fruit (apple and citrus) are accompanied by toffee slightly woody notes and some marine saltiness.


Palate: A sweet attack and honeyed, slightly spicy, all enhanced  by a beautiful pleasant woody, peaty smoke and (Iodine), emphasizing the fruit and honey heather.


Finish: light on the smoke and cereals. rather long, highlights the notes

savoury spice, iodine and anise.


Breizh Whisky, Blended Whisky Breton Exclusive Edition, 70cl, 42% 

50% grain 50% malt, double distilled in copper pot stills followed by aging in oak barrels enhanced by the climate of Breton, an illustrious cousin to the WB, the first Whisky Breton.


Nose: Lively and fragrant.


Palate: develops all its soft, subtly accompanied by notes of vanilla and cereal.


Finish: Spicy and slightly maritime, a nice balance.


Gallega Whisky Blended de France 70cl, 42%

50% malt and 50% of grain whiskey.


The Gallega, whose name means "France" in Breton, who’s graphics clearly identify Breton Whisky of France anchor the whiskey in its origins.


Nose: Pronounced with notes of sweet tropical fruit, it retains the character of the distillery (marine influence, slight peat).


Palate : Medium and complete, it brings freshness supported by a fine fruit.


Finish: All in roundness and softness

Warenghem Distillery

Contact: Bernard Le Pallec

Route Guingamp

22300 Lannion France




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