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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Fleischmann German Whisky

"Blue Mouse" Whiskey Distillery


In 1923 Gehgründet  brother to Kunigunde & Josef Neuses  established a business in House No. 52 to supply the food and tobacco trade. Brother George Neuses worked at the  "Vogelsang tobacco factories" as district director.


From 1934 Kunigunda  Neuses was the sole proprietor delivering her goods to restaurants and other stores using a “butchers“ bike for delivery. Her brother helped with his  motorcycle (Jodef) until the outbreak of the war, Trade prospered .


The present site located at the home of the parents, Josef and Kunigunda Fleischmann a residential and commercial building erected in 1949


During 1960  a new company building was constructed.


Due to the requirements of the cigarette industry in 1967 the business premises were altered.


On 15 February 1969 Robert Fleischmann married Anita Förth , they had two children Thomas and Angelika.


In December 1973 control of the business passed to Robert Fleischmann. Two years later a tobacconist shop was purchased in Baiersdorf and  the storage and garage spaces were rebuilt


The distillery was established 1980 and 0n 19 February 1983 the first attempt to produce Pure Malt Whiskey was made. There were further attempts to partially terrible results. Under the motto: Practice - Practice - Practice


In 1984 saw the business expand w ith the change of the Maritimes as a cellar bar "to the Blue Mouse. It remains faithful to its Navy and lake theme.


Sale of the whiskey's started in 1996


By 2000 Thomas Fleischmann with his wife Petra take an active role in the company.

 Single Cask Malt Whisky:


Blaue Maus: Vintage 1999 40%

"The nose is malted, with a noble note of oak.

The taste has cereal and a dry sweetness, together with a Nice tannic undertone.

Slightly spicy finish with a certain extra something."


Blaue Maus, 2. Barrel Filling: Vintage 1992 40% 

"Colour: golden yellow

 olive oil - Aroma: intensive at first, tannin, fresh flowery meadow -


Taste: marzipan, Fresh wood, some bitter undertones, green apples -


Finish: long on the palate, short in the throat.


Blaue Maus, Cask Strength: Vintage 1992 58,6% 

Colour: mahogany


Aroma: fruit, berries, hints of almond and wood, slightly stingy


Taste: fruity and tart, dark chocolate


Finish: malted and smooth


Comment: add a little water and the finish will be longer and mellower, the taste of malt will be stronger, more harmony, all in all


Krottentaler: Vintage 1996 40%

Cereal and the sweetness of malt in the nose. A very unobtrusive note of oak.


The taste is smooth, slightly sweet and also with a hint of oak.


The finish is not too long and not too short, with a beautiful aroma of almonds at the end.


Schwarzer Pirat: Vintage 1997 40%

Colour: light amber


Aroma: fruit (pear, apple, plum) with a most agreeable touch of wood


Taste: malty, sweet, strong note of bitter almond, smooth and mild


Finish: nice length, when warm slightly bitter, highly enjoyable


Spinnaker: Vintage 1998 40%

Colour: fine colour of straw


Aroma: tannic acid, much later some citrus fruits


Taste: malty sweetness, citrus fruits, slightly tannic, a hint of bitterness


Finish: dry and relatively short


Spinnaker, 2. Barrel Filling: Vintage 1997 40%

Colour: fine yellow


Aroma: enjoyable, some pear


Taste: bitter almond, fruit


Finish: short and dry


Comment: the tannic acid is close to imperceptible


Spinnaker, Cask Strength: Vintage 1999 48,2%

Colour: dark mahogany


Aroma: fruity, fruit in rum, wood, a slightly stingy nose


Taste: dark chocolate with tart herbs


Finish: only stays fairly shortly on the tongue and the palate


Comment: with a little water more delicate and longer-lasting;


Water will reduce the bitterness and set free some malty sweetness


Grüner Hund: Vintage 1996 40%

Colour: dark amber


Aroma: freshly hewn wood, some tannic acid


Taste: powerful and massive, peppery, dark chocolate, malt


Finish: the pepper subsides, the malt stays


Comment: some extra water highly recommendable, needs some time in the glass, should be warmed in your hands

The most popular of the currently available Fleischmann whiskeys.


Grüner Hund, Cask Strength: Vintage 1996 51% 

Colour: dark Amber


Aroma: roasted almonds, cocoa


Taste: dark chilli chocolate, tart, German lebkuchen (gingerbread), cocoa, some fruit


Finish: dark chocolate, middle length, dry


Comment: without water quite a savage dog, with water more on the tame side – delicious in any case


Old Farh Cask Single Malt Whiskey 40% vol.

Introduction year: January 2009


Color: dark amber


Aroma: alcohol drenched in dark chocolate


Taste: soft, nutty, zartbitter


Finish: pleasant, as if you have a whiskey praline behind


Comment: nice soft whiskey after dinner


Single Cask Grain Whisky: 

Austrasier: Vintage 1994 40%

Colour: dark amber


Aroma: damp wood, some cereal


Taste: marzipan, some tannic acid, a hint of acridity


Finish: warm and enjoyable

Robert Fleischmann


Tobacco wholesalers and retailers

Food, wine distillery Brant,

Whiskey distillery "Blue Mouse"


Owner: Thomas and Petra Fleischmann


Bamberger Straße 2

91330 Eggolsheim


Tel: +049 (09545) 74 61..