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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Haig - Dimple/Pinch Scotch Whisky

John Haig & Company Limited


Principle Brands

Dimple 12 year old

Dimple 15 year Old

Also Know as Pinch in The USA Market

Haig Gold Label


The Haig whisky distilling dynasty can rightfully lay claim to be the oldest Scotch whisky distillers having being active distillers for over 300 years.


The first recording of Haig distilling was in 1655 when Robert Haig was summoned to appear before the Kirk Session for working his still on the Sabbath.


He had established a farm at Throsk Stirlingshire in 1627 and this is taken to be the entry date of the Haig’s into distilling.


The Haig’s continued to farm moving to Newbiggin and then Orchard farm remaining there until the beginning of the nineteenth century. During this period they continued to distil.


In 1751 John Haig, Robert’s great-great Grandson married Margaret Stein whose family had founded successful distilleries at Kilbagie and Kennetpans in Clackmanshire.


John Haig’s five sons entered the Kilbagie to learn distilling; four of them went onto establish their own distilleries.


James, the eldest went to Edinburgh and owned the distilleries at Cannonmills then later at Lochrin and Sunbury, his sons continued the latter two distilleries.


The younger brother, John was in partnership with James at Lochrin and went onto open the Leith distillery at Bonnington Toll.


Robert went to Ireland and purchased the Dodderbank distillery near to Dublin.


The youngest of the brothers William continued the tradition first at Kincaple then from 1810 at Seggie. William had two sons John and Robert.


William’s son Robert continued with Seggie whilst his elder brother John built the Cameron Bridge Distillery in 1824.


Haig Gold blend was first released at some point in 1824


John was ambitious and was quick to see the potential of the Stein Patent stills, invented by his cousin Robert Stein at the Kilbagie distillery. In 1827 Cameron Bridge production was moved entirely over to grain whisky production.


In 1856 John Haig &Co joined in with six other Lowland distillers to form a trade agreement to protect the individual and collective interests of the members. Eventually this trade agreement led to the formation of the Distillers Company Limited (DCL) in 1877 with John Haig and his son Hugh as directors


During 1882 John Haig  & Co merged with David Smith & Co and became a limited company with Hugh Haig, John Haig’s Son, as chairman.


John Alicius Haig released the Dimple Deluxe blend in 1888 the distinctive 3 pinch bottle was introduced in 1893 by George Ogilvy Haig in 1893


DCL acquired the entire ordinary share capital of John Haig & Co Ltd in March of 1919 the take over of the Haig dynasty was completed in 1923 with DCL taking control of Haig & Haig Ltd. This company had been set up by Hugh’s brother John Alicius Haig to market whisky in the USA.