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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Heaven Hill Historic Whiskey

J. W. Dant Kentucky Bourbon whiskey


History of the Whiskey.

Joseph Washington Dant was a Kentucky distiller during the 1830’s He was famous for making whisky using a log still. This was an old time method from when the settlers did not have the money for a copper still. A section of tree trunk would be hollowed out with a copper pipe running through it. The hollowed section would be filled with the fermented mash and steam fed through the pipe to start distillation


However despite its crudeness J. W. Dant was the only log stiller that distilled a whiskey good enough to ensure his name would survive.


J.W. Dant had a number of sons; Joseph founded the Cold Spring Distillery and the Yellowstone whiskey. While George in partnership with his farther, opened a full time distillery at Dant’s Station in 1870 by that time they must have made enough money to retire the log still.


George eventually became president of the J. W. Dant Company and continued to make J. W. Dant Bourbon whiskey until prohibition; the remaining stock was stored at the Stitzel warehouse, Louisville, and sold as a medicinal whiskey.


After prohibition the large whiskey companies moved back into the market desperate to purchase established brand names and distilleries J.W Dant was sold out of the family.


After several changes of the brand ownership it  was acquired by Heaven Hill in 1993 the present day producers of J. W. Dant Bourbon Whiskey


J. W. Dant Bottlings

J.W. Dant 80 proof

J.W. Dant 100 proof


Mattingly & Moore Kentucky Bourbon whiskey

History of the Whiskey.

Ben Mattingly and Tom Moore founded the Mattingly and Moore Distillery in 1876. However the whiskey bearing the distillery name was not released until 1896 after the two partners had sold the distillery on.


Tom Moore went on to build the Tom Moore Distillery in Bardstown on a site now occupied by the Barton Distillery.


Mattingly & Moore Bottlings

Mattingly & Moore 40% Abv 80 proof



T. W Samuels Kentucky Bourbon whiskey

History of the Whiskey

This whiskey name is from the Samuels family of “Makers Mark” fame. Possibly when Samuels created the Makers Mark they sold the rights and brand


T.W. Samuels Bottlings

T.W. Samuels

T.W. Samuels 6 years 90 proof

Heaven Hill Distilleries, has the second largest holder of Bourbon stock in the world, offers a number of other well-known and historic American Whiskey labels.

J. T. S. Brown Kentucky Bourbon whiskey


History of the Whiskey

John Thompson Street Brown was a half brother to George Gavin Brown (Founder of Brown-Forman) initially as business partners (1870) producing Old Forester the first whiskey to be sold in sealed bottles. However after about five years they parted.


One theory behind the separation was that George believed that maturing the whiskey for longer would result in a better product and higher price and more profit in the long run whilst John wanted to sell a less expensive whiskey on a quicker turn over.


Apart from vague references J. T. S. Brown & Sons emerged around the 1900’s and built the Old Prentice distillery in Anderson County


This should be taken as the founding point of  J. T. S. Brown & Sons Bourbon as a brand.


In 1910 one of Johns sons A Creel Brown built a further distillery across the road from the original distillery.


The distilleries were closed down during prohibition, however in 1923 J. T. S. Brown &Sons purchased the Early Times distillery, by some strange twist of fate the Early Times distillery is now owned by Brown-Forman the company that had developed from Georges side of the original partnership.


During the 1950’s J. T. S. Brown &Sons acquired a further distillery in Lawrenceburg that operated under J. T. S. Brown & Sons until the 1970’s


The brand was at some point acquired by Heaven Hill


J.T.S. Brown Bottlings

J.T.S. Brown 40% Abv 80 proof

J.T.S. Brown 86 proof

J.T.S. Brown 100 proof

J.T.S. Brown 6 years 80 proof

J.T.S. Brown 6 years 100 proof

J.T.S. Brown 8 years

J.T.S. Brown 10 years