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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Closed Irish Whiskey Distillerys

County Dublin


Bow Street (1780-1971) John Jameson & Son


John's Lane (1796-1976) John Power & Son


Jones Road (1873-1945) The Dublin Whiskey Distillery Co Ltd

Located at Clontarf next to the river Tolka

Built by a consortium of seven businessmen DWD became Dublin Distillers Company merged with  Thomas Street & Marrowbone Lane in 1891


Marrowbone Lane (1700's-1920s) Wm Jameson & Co

Acquired by the Stein Family around 1780 by 1802 had become Jameson and Stein by 1822 had become WJ & Co as above Area now municipal housing


Phoenix Park DCL (1878-1921)

DCL bought and converted an old spinning mill on the Liffey at Chapelizod Four miles up stream from the centre of Dublin


Thomas Street (1757-1926)  George Roe & Co

Located virtually opposite the giant Guinness Brewery In 1757 Peter Roe purchased a small existing distillery on the North Side of Thomas Street


County Antrim & Belfast


Royal Irish Distilleries (1868-1938 or later) Built by Dunville & Co

Location Distillery Street Malt Street and Excise Street now covered by the M1 Belfast - Dungannon Motorway


Conneswater (1886 - 1929)

Founded By blender merchants Kirker Green & Co and Mitchell &co Ltd became Irish Distilleries Ltd


Avoniel William Higgins (1882-1929)

Ballymarrett Area Avoniel Leisure Centre is on part of the land.


County Londonderry


Abbey Street A A Watt

Waterside A A Watt


County Cork


Bandon (1826-1929)

Allman & Co Located on the Cork to Bantry road a half mile from Bandon


The Glen Distillery Company (1802-1925)

Around 1800 a Daniel Callahan was noted as a distiller at Dodges Glen Kilnap.


North Mall The Cork Distillers Ltd (1779-1920)

Said to have been started by Thomas and Francis Wise in 1779

The Distillery was built on the site of al old Dominican Friay called the Abbey of St Mary of the Island.


Midleton Original (1825-1975)

The Cork Distillers Ltd

Founded in1825 Three Brothers James, Daniel, and Jeremiah Murphy

Closed in 1975 when the new Irish Distillers Group  distillery at Midleton  is opened


Watercourse (1795-1975)

Partnership of Thomas Hewitt, John Teulon and Richard Blunt

Located in Watercourse Road Blackpool just north of the city of Cork Close to the Kiln River


The Green (1796-1980 distilling ceased in 1870)

Two Distillers Robert Allan and Denis Cororan are connected with the site during the 1790's

Location York Street Now Thomas Street Blackpool


Daly's Distillery (1807-69)

A William Lyons is recorded of having premises in John street early in the 19th century

James Daly is a recorded distiller in 1833

Located at 32 John Street on a site down stream to the Green and watercourse distilleries.


County Westmeath



Kilbeggan (1757-1958 reopen 2007)John Locke & Co


County Londonderry


Coleraine (1820-1978)  RA Taylor

Around 1820 a mill in Newmarket Street  owned by John Rennie was converted to a distillery. This distillery passed to Thomas Black who sold the distillery onto Michael Ferrar in 1837.

Ferrar sold the lease onto a James Moore. On his death the distillery was purchased by Robert Taylor.


Limavady (1805-1914)Young, King & Co Ltd

Limavady is a small town halfway between Coleraine and Londonderry

History records several distilleries in the town between 1750 and 1835 However a David Cather commenced brewing beside the Drumachose Church in 1805 This site passed to his son George Cather Around 1880 a James McLoughlin converted the brewery to a distillery for Young, King & Co Ltd a Belfast Blending Firm


Comber Upper/Lower Comber Distillers Ltd (1825-1953)

Upper converted from  a brewery in Killinchy Street by George Johnson and John Miller in 1825


Lower converted from a paper mill by Messrs Bryne and Griffin

John miller bought the lower around 1860 and operated as one business  


County Louth


Dundalk (1708-1926)

Malcolm Brown & Co

Established by Mr Gillehan in 1708 on the site of a former Tannery about 50 yards from Dundalks main church in Roden Place.

Purchased by DCL in 1912 the distillery was closed in 1926.

The buildings remained neglected until the mid 1980's when they were purchased by the Urban council who transformed them into the County Museum and Library


County Galoway


Nun's Island (1846 or earlier 1915) H S Persse

Stood on a small island in the river Corrib that separated it from the main town of Galway.

In 1823 a Patrick Joyce was recorded as running a small still on Nuns Island

A Henry Persse purchased the Joyce distillery around 1840 and converted it to a woollen mill However by 1846 it had been converted back to a distillery.


Still operating in1908 however the distillery had closed down by the start of the 1st World War


County Limmerick


Limerick Also Known as Walker's or Thomond Gate (1829-1905)

Archibald Walker

Located besides the River Shannon close to the Thomond Gate Bridge.

In 1802 three distilleries are listed in Limmerick By 1807 all three had ceased trading. In  1818  two distilleries were operating however 4 years later only a John Stein is listed.

In 1846 The Thomond Gate distillery was owned and operated by John Stein Jnr

Around 1879 The distillery was purchased by Alexander Walker who also owned the Vauxhall Distillery in Liverpool and the Adelphi Distillery in Glasgow.

Aw was affected by the whisky downturn around 1900 and sold his distilleries to DCL in 1902 who had closed all three distilleries within a year or two. Eventually the distillery was demolished in 1937 to make way for new homes.


County Kildare

Monasterevan (1784-1921)Cassidy & Co

In 1784 a John Cassidy purchased a Still and house from the widow of John Goslin who had died six years previous. After a fire allegedly caused by a dismissed employee in 1788 he went into partnership with a Dublin Merchant Robert Harvey.

The Company went into voluntary liquidation in December 1921


County Offaly

Birr (1805-1890)W & J Wallace Parsonstown

There were 4 Distilleries during the Middle 1700's However by 1802 this had been reduced to one.  In 1818 a second distillery was in production with one of them folding by the mid 1840's the other purchased by the Wallace or Walker Brothers.

Located in Newbridge Street on the River Cam-cor and appears to have been run down by the time of Bernards Visit in 1887


Tullamore (1829-1954) Bernard Daly


County Wexford

Bishops Water (1827-1915) Nicholas Devereux & Co

Built By a consortium of local gentlemen opening in 1827 on the confluence of the Bishop's Water stream and the Horse River

The Company went bankrupt before the 1st world war and distilling had stopped by 1914.

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