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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

J & B Rare Scotch Whisky

Justerine & Brooks (J & B) Scotch Whisky.


Principal Brands.

J&B Rare

J&B –6C

J&B Jet

J&B Reserve 15 year old


Justerine & Brooks History

Giacomo Justerine an Italian from Bologna came to London in 1749 to woo the Italian opera singer, Marherita Bellino. Spurned by her, he remained in London and set himself up as a wine merchant in Pall Mall with his partner and financial backer George Johnson.


Dealing mainly in liqueurs made on the premises from recipes that Justerine had brought with him from Italy they catered for London’s high living aristocracy.


During 1760 Johnson & Justerine are awarded the first of their nine Royal warrants (as suppliers of fine wine and spirits to the Royal household) from King George III. In the same year Justerine retired to his homeland


At some point in 1779 Johnson & Justerine first advertise their fine wines, spirits and liqueurs in “The Morning Post” this included “Usquebaugh” the original name for whisky.


The Johnson family maintains the company until 1830 when Alfred Brooks buys the business from, the third generation, Augustus Johnson II and renames the business Justerine & Brooks.


As wine merchants the company reputation went from strength to strength So when Scottish whisky was making an impact in London high society in the 1880’s they were amongst the first to buy up old bonded stock from which they produced their own blend, Club.  


Shortly after the First World War had ended Eddie Tatham joined J&B and was the driving force behind the introduction of J&B Rare into the US market


In 1930 Eddie Tatham made visits to the USA to gauge the markets potential, though it was not until 1936 that an agent was established. The following year an exclusive agency contract was signed with Charles Guttman of the Paddington Corporation. Progress was made in establishing J&B Rare in the New York area.


However it wasn’t until the arrival of Abe Rosenburgh at the Paddington Corporation in the mid fifties led to the successful promotion of J&B Rare across the USA. In 1958 J&B becomes a regular in Las Vegas being enjoyed on stage by many of the stars of the time.


During 1952 J&B combine with Twiss, Brownings and Hallows to form United Wine Traders Ltd ten years later there is a further merger with W & A Gilbey to form International Distillers and Vitners Ltd. This merger helps establish J&B Rare through the use of Gibey’s overseas network into Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and Ireland


J&B Rare is introduced into Spain in 1962 where it would grow to be the number 1 whisky. The following year sales of J&B Rare in the USA reach one million cases, however Eddie Tatham the originator of J&B Rare retires


The 1970’s establish J&B Rare across Europe, The first J&B Met Horse-racing event is held in South Africa in1976


In 2003 The Nightology Boat Tour is launched to take J&B Rare into the heart of the clubbing and partying scene. Three years later Ferran Adria creates a new buzz by inventing and promoting molecular gastronomic cocktails using J&B.



J&B Rare consists of 42 different whiskies carefully blended together to create a subtle, smooth and complex flavour. The delicate balance gives J&B Rare its distinctive character.


The heart of the whisky is from the Speyside malt whiskies they provide the fruity, fresh quality and give its light colour. Added to these malts are some of the finest grain whiskies available.