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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Jim Beam Boubon and Whiskey Brands

The  Portfolio includes White, Black Label, Red Stag   Jim Beam Devil’s Cut™, Jim Beam Rye®, Jim Beam’s Choice® and Jim Beam 7-Year and the newly release Jacob's Ghost.


Jim Beam Bourbon White Label 80 proof

Aged four years and bottled at 80 proof. True to its original recipe for more than 200 years. This is the only American whiskey made the same way, by the same family since 1795


Reached a historic milestone with the filling of the 12 millionth barrel of Jim Beam in October 2011. This marked the second time Jim Beam has filled one million barrels in less than three years (first time was 2008), offering further evidence of the sustained growth in international and domestic demand for “America’s Native Spirit.”


Today, the hand-written recipe for Jim Beam is stored in a vault in a secret location and on  average, the Jim Beam Distilleries in Clermont and Boston, Ky. fill approximately 1,800 barrels a day.


Jim Beam White Label Accolades and Awards

Best-selling bourbon whiskey in the world


Best-selling spirit in Australia


Gold Medal, 2009 San Francisco World Spirits Competition


#12 Top 100 Premium Spirits Brands


Jim Beam Boubon Black Label

which is made from the Beam family recipe, however is double-aged for eight years and bottled at 86 proof


Jim Beam Black Awards


Rated 93 by the Beverage Testing Institute of Chicago in 2008 and a Gold Medal Winner in 2010


San Francisco World Spirits Competition Gold Medal - 2012


San Francisco World Spirits Competition Double Gold Medal Winner—2009


International Review of Spirits Gold Medal, 2009


San Francisco World Spirits Competition Gold Medal -2007


San Francisco World Spirits Competition Gold Medal - 2005


Jim Beam Devils Cut 90 proof

A premium bourbon whiskey created using a proprietary process that extracts the liquid trapped inside the wood of the bourbon barrels.


The name Devil’s Cut plays off the notion of “Angel’s Share” in bourbon-making. As Bourbon ages, a portion of liquid is lost from the barrel due to evaporation—that’s the Angel’s Share. After ageing, when the bourbon is dumped out of the barrel, a certain amount of whiskey is left trapped within the wood of every barrel—it’s that liquid, and the rich flavors from deep within the barrel wood it contains, that are unleashed and put back into extra-aged, six-year Jim Beam® Bourbon to create the finely-balanced, smooth 90 proof Devil’s Cut® Bourbon.


The aroma showcases the deep notes of vanilla and wood pulled from the extracted liquid of the barrel.  By extracting the liquid trapped within the barrel wood, bold bourbon notes of wood, oak and vanilla are unleashed and give Devil’s Cut® an intense but smooth flavour that separates itself from other bourbons.


Jacob's Ghost 

A “White Whiskey” not a moonshine or Un-aged White dog, aged for at least a year in white oak barrels it can be enjoyed as a bourbon or as a mixer.  


Jim Beam  Red Stag Infused Bourbon


Red Stag by Jim Beam® Bourbon Whiskey brings flavour to the Bourbon category. Created through a unique, artisan process where flavours are infused into their four-year-old Bourbon, Red Stag is true to a rich Bourbon heritage—only with a twist.


Successfully launched in June ’09, and was both the #2 Spirits innovation in 2010 and the #1 Bourbon introduction in the previous 10 years. Since storming out of the gate, Red Stag Bourbon has helped spark a surge for new, innovative whiskies infused with flavour.


In 2012, Jim Beam® expanded its infused bourbon portfolio with two new Red Stag expressions– Red Stag Honey Tea and Red Stag Spiced.  Like their predecessor, use signature Jim Beam four-year-old bourbon as a base, but instead of black cherry, the new expressions are honey tea and cinnamon flavoured.


All three Red Stag Bourbon offerings provide a mixable, approachable spin on America’s native spirit.


Jim Beam Choice (green label) – Aged 5 years, 80 proof, charcoal filtered

Rounded and mature. Charcoal filtering prior to bottling adds complexity and depth. An extra year of aging allows the bourbon to take on a sweeter, creamier taste.

Colour: Deep, rich honey gold.

Nose: Strong oak and a sweet, nutty scent.

Taste: Rich, creamy and unmistakably sugary.



Jim Beam Seven Year (white label, red cap) – 7 years, 80 proof

Colour; Golden.

Nose: Delicate, with a hint of vanilla.

Taste:Balanced caramel and vanilla. Easy to sip straight.

Finish: Light, but surprisingly intense.


Jim Beam Rye 80 proof 40%ABV

A Rye whiskey, frequently referred to as Beam Yellow Label. It is America's top selling straight Rye whiskey. It is bottled at 80 proof (40% ABV) and aged for 4 years in newly charred white oak barrel.