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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky

Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky History

John Walker was born at Toddriggs Farm, Ayrshire, in 1805


In 1820 he takes over a modest grocery shop in Kilmarnock, which he successfully turns in to a wine and spirit business. It wasn’t until his son Alexander joined the firm in 1856 and persuaded his farther to enter the wholesale spirit trade that their first whisky appeared.


Within 6 years the annual output of their blended whisky had reached 100.000 gallons.  


The famous square bottle was introduced in 1870 as a means of fitting more bottles in less space.  Capturing a large share of the “English” market they opened a London office in 1880 and converted John Walker & Sons to a limited liability business in1886.


Alexander Walker’s three sons joined the company; the youngest Alec became the head of the company in 1889 on his father’s death. The following year his brother John went to Australia to open their Sydney office to reinforce their successes gained in various exhibitions where their whisky had taken major awards. –Sydney 1880 – Melbourne – 1881, Adelaide – 1887, Dunedin - 1890 and then Brisbane – 1897 still proclaimed on the lower part of the Red Label.


Agents were appointed in New Zealand and South Africa and then later in France, Egypt, China and the then Burma and Malaya as the global network grew.


During 1893 the Walkers acquired Cardow (Cardhu) Distillery


The Johnnie Walker Red and Black label introduced in 1909 the same year that Tom Browne draws the first Striding Man figure.


Despite the post First World War austerity the business celebrates its centenary in 1920.


John Walker & Sons went public in 1923 followed two years later with amalgamation with Buchanan – Dewar and DCL now known as Diagio.


In 1970 John Walker & Sons celebrated its 150th Anniversary


Johnnie Walker Red Label and Black Label win gold medals at the 1996 International Wine and Spirits Competition


Launch of the ‘Keep Walking’ advertising campaign, the first global campaign for the brand is introduced in 1999

Johnnie Walker Red Label Scotch Whisky

Approximately thirty-five malts are used for Johnnie Walker Red Label.

A versatile and vibrant whisky that keeps its character even when mixed.

Distinctive smoke and sweet spice flavours with a hint of vanilla.

Direct Fresh with smoky malt

Full and appetising with a distinct spicy burst


Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch Whisky

The whiskies, which make up Johnnie Walker Black Label, are matured for a minimum of twelve years.

Rich and smooth, Black Label is an award winning blend of over 40 whiskies.

Including the fresh fruitiness of Glendullan single malt Scotch whisky, opulent Mortlach earthy Talisker and creamy vanilla Cameron Brigg, Black label was Sir Winston Churchill’s Whisky of choice.

Deep, Bold and smooth flavour with a smoky finish

Packed with rich smoky malt, peat and sherry fruitiness.

Complex aromas- dry smokiness mixed with raisin sweetness, freshened by orange zest and citrus oil’s.


Johnnie Walker Gold Label Scotch Whisky

A skilful blend of rare aged malts are used to create the indulgent flavour of Johnnie Walker Gold Label.

Inspired by the notes of Sir Alexander Walker who created the original blend in 1920 to mark the birthday of his grandfather John Walker.

The combination of rare and exclusive single malt whiskies from a handful of Scotland’s most respected distilleries, all more than 18 years old. Make this a silky honeyed blend.

Rich expansive and distinctly creamy.

Smooth and silky with hints of raisin, toffee and honey.

Delicate notes of vanilla, honey, malt and dried fruit can be intensified by chilling before drinking and allowing the glass to warm in the hand.


Johnnie Walker Blue Label  Scotch Whisky

Consisting of a careful blend of Johnnie Walkers rarest malt whisky

and superior grain whisky, matured to perfection however long it takes.

Carefully blended to recreate the flavour of Johnnie Walker’s early whiskies, every whisky in the blend is hand–picked from a range of exclusive distilleries.

Drawn from extraordinary casks set aside for Blue Label

and matured to their absolute peak.

Velvety smooth, mellow taste with traces of smoke,

Honey and sweet spice.

Floral with hints of toffee, sandalwood and chocolate.

Well-balanced, Long and intense.


Limited Editions 2015

Edinburgh and London Blue Label Packs.

2500 individually numbered bottles for London / 1500 individually numbered bottles for Edinburgh.

The bottles are an homage to London and Edinburgh, and will be encased in a Johnnie Walker Blue carton with a bespoke sleeve to showcase the design of the bottles


Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky Swing 43%

Blend Scotch Whisky inspired by the golden age of transatlantic travel.

Swing is presented in a uniquely shaped bottle that was designed to combat the problem of rough seas .

With convex base the decanter elegantly rocks in time with the waves.


Johnnie Walker Green Label Scotch Whisky

Blended from only the finest single malt whiskies. No grain whiskies involved. Each single malt whisky is selected for its intensity of flavours and aromas.


Talisker gives power and pepper that explode on the palate

Linkwood provide a whole garden of fruit and woody aromas

Craggenmore with its malty, sweet sandalwood flavours

And Caol Ila for its peat and smoke .

Soft and gentle with a rich sweet core and a hint of sweetness to finish

Heather honey, fruits and butterscotch mixed with spices and subtle oak.

Note of cedar and smoke.

Principle Brands

Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky

Red Label  Blend

Black Label Blend

Double Black Blend Travel Retail

Gold Label Blend

Blue Label Blend

Green Label  Blended Malt or Pure Malt

Swing or Celebration   Blend

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