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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Jon, Mark and Robbo

The Easy Drinking Whisky Company.

No Longer Trading

Starting with an Idea on a hillside, followed by a spirited conversation one night David  “Robbo”  a “master” distiller and the brothers Jon and Mark both “master” whisky lovers agreed that their world needed a whisky that tasted exactly the way they liked and cut out all the waffle that always seemed to go along with whisky.


Sourcing whisky from his work, Robbo created tastes he knew Jon and Mark would like. After several attempts with bottles and tasting notes being sent between them in Scotland and Bristol they agreed on 3 flavours.


Rich Spicy, Smokey Peaty, and Smooth Sweeter


Rich Spicy One


Mark set Robbo quite a challenge on this one. Create a whisky that tastes like two of his existing favourites, Macallan Gran Reserva and ESC 1 (ironically, Robbo's babies from his previous job).

It took several versions, but No. 8 finally cracked it, giving a bold, intense flavour, packed full of Rich Spiciness


What’s in it?

Tamdhu Spanish Oak Sherry Butts 50%

Tamdhu American oak bourbon dump hogsheads 10%

Highland Park Spanish Oak Mature Butts 10%

Glenrothes Spanish Oak Sherry Butts 20%

Bunnahabhain American oak sherry puncheons 10%


Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2005

"an intriguing, sherry dripping dram that is exceptionally well balanced.....Outstanding marketing: seems another of my ideas has bitten the dust while I'm busy writing books...! Still, good luck to me old friend Dave "Robbo" Robertson...."

Score: 85/100 - very good to excellent, definitely worth buying


Smokey Peaty One


This started life as two completely separate whiskies.

Following a few days spent on Islay about 8 years ago, Jon has always been a big fan of Peaty whiskies and was very keen for Robbo to create a new whisky in this distinctive style.


At the same time, Mark had asked for a Smokey style whisky, similar to Highland Park or Talisker. With help from ‘Uncle’ John (the master blender at his work), Robbo created two amazing whiskies that spurred a heated debate as to which was better.


The discussion continued well into the night at a hotel outside Bristol, culminating in a moment of genius... someone (can't remember who) mixed the two whiskies in the same glass. It tasted amazing, distinctive yet smooth, Smokey and Peaty at the same time: The Smokey Peaty One was born


What’s in it?

It's referred to as a Vatted Malt, as Robbo has used his skill in picking the very best single malts to create the flavour we want, from The Islands of Orkney, Mull and Islay. (This is different to a blend, which is often predominantly grain whisky mixed with a splash of malt).

Caol Ila 5% refill casks - ex American oak bourbon barrels

Laphroaig 12% refill casks - ex American oak bourbon barrels

Bunnahabhain 17% American oak sherry

Bunnahabhain 9% refill casks - ex American oak bourbon barrels

Highland Park 26% Spanish Oak Sherry butts

Highland Park 14% American oak hogsheads

Ledaig 9% refill casks - ex American oak bourbon barrels

Bowmore 8% refill casks - ex American oak bourbon barrels


Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2005

"a faultlessly clean aroma where the reek enjoys a distinctively salty, coastal rock-pool edge.....beautiful honey tones....genuinely high-class.... A malt for those who appreciate the better, more elegant things in life"

Score: 92/100 - brilliant


Smooth Sweeter One (Blend of Scotish Malt Whisky and Irish Grain Whiskey)


The story behind The NEW Smooth Sweeter One.

When we created our first batch we thought we wanted something quite simple, a whisky that is incredibly smooth and a little sweeter than other malts.

We have to be honest, Robbo struggled.

He tried combinations of malts, malt and grain whiskies, just grain whisky and nothing really hit the spot.

We then got a helping hand from "The Doc" who mentioned that he knew some guys in Ireland and thought their malt would be just what we wanted.

We tried it, it was and The Smooth Sweeter One was born !

However, Robbo always felt that he could tweak the recipe and get an even better, softer, sweeter and more fruity malt. So, breaking with convention and taking the maverick path to maximum malt flavour we are proud to present our new creation.... the even more smooth sweeter one - a fab fusion of Ireland's finest with Scotland's finest - to create the first multi country malt - a cool Celtic combination !


Whats in it?

This is pretty simple.

We have kept the great flavour and sweetness from Cooley's and melded it with some great stuff from Bunnahabhain.

70% Single Irish Malt Whisky from Cooley's Distillery

Matured in first fill bourbon barrels

30% Scotch Single Malt Whisky from Bunnahabhain Distillery

Matured in (hard to find) American oak fino sherry casks


Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2005

"seriously enjoyable whiskey for all its youth, especially for those with a sweet tooth"

Score: 89/100 - very good to excellent, definitely worth buying.


There Was a forth blend introduced The Fresh and Fruity One

This was a blended grain whisky