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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Jura Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Tasting Notes Review

Jura Distillery Jura Distillery

Jura 10 year old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Colour – Deep amber gold


Nose – Light, rich and aromatic. Positive and firm. Silky, almondy wood notes.


Palate – Firm, distinguished, elegant tones. A fruity oiliness with just a hint of smoke gently enriches the palate


Isle of Jura Superstition Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Colour – Deep intense mahogany with glittering sun rays


Nose – Firm and positive, yet forcibly mellow. Strong accents of phenolic aromas. Rich, sensual nuances of honey and marzipan.


Palate – Spice, honey, pine and peat aromas make a dramatic impact, the long years in oak casks have tempered and tamed this mystic spirit creating a long, lingering and tantalising aftertaste.


Bronze award winner at 2005 International Wine and Spirit Competition

Gold Winner at the 2009 SFWSC Awards.


Isle of Jura Prophecy Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Prophecies abound on Jura. Perhaps the most celebrated one was told in the early 1700’s when the Campbell Clan, who dominated the island, evicted a wise old seer blessed with the gift of the third eye: an ability to foretell the future. Bristling with resentment, she prophesised that when the last Campbell left the island he would be one-eyed and his belongings would be carried in a cart drawn by a white horse. Few believed such talk…


Until 1938, when Charles Campbell, a veteran of the Great War and blind in one eye, fell on hard times. When he made his way to the old

pier for the last time the cart on which he traveled was drawn by a single white horse.


Improbable as it may seem the seer’s prophecy had come to pass.

“ That day, the sound of the cart on the track could be heard for miles.”

Allan MacDonald, witness to a legend.


Prophecy is a single malt whisky that has been created to honour this tale of the third eye.


Meticulously crafted from a selection of the finest and rarest aged Jura single malt whiskies, Prophecy is a profoundly peated spirit.


Jura Single Malt Scotch Whisky Prophecy 46% 70cl Tasting Note:

Colour: Rich, amber gold with shimmering highlights.


Nose: The tarry bonfire notes slowly give way to hints of soft liquorice and nutmeg.


Taste: Powerful flavours of peat smoke, fresh cinnamon and spicy sea spray lead the first assault. Finally the tarry bonfire notes slowly give way to hints of soft liquorice and nutmeg.


The whisky has been bottled in a traditional style without chill filtration to preserve the true character and deliver an authentic taste of 1938.


Gold Best in Class at the 2010 IWSC Awards.


Isle of Jura 16 years old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Colour – Glassy golden highlights


Nose – Full and rich. Each aroma beautifully structured to reveal harmony at its best. Silk and honey with a hint of ginger spice encompass this floral bouquet.


Palate – Soft peaches and honey with a hint of citrus and marzipan will slowly arise, yet the backbone of its heritage continues to ebb away on the aftertaste, leaving the palate rewarded and satisfied.


Bronze award winner at 2004 International Wine and Spirit Competition

Gold Best in Class at the 2010 IWSC Awards.


Isle of Jura 18 years Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Colour – Amber honey gold with sandy bottom highlights


Nose – A warm sensual glow prevails with a rich array of orange spice cinnamon and creamy toffee. The long years in American White oak coupled with a generous proportion of Oloroso Sherry wood has nurtured and tamed this aged island malt to perfection. Soft whispers of marzipan and roasted coffee beans, completes this tapestry of excellence.


Palate – Elegant and refined. The impact is immediate with intense marmalade and spicy toffee notes rolling over the palate in great profusion. Crushed almonds with a gentle hint of dark bitter chocolate and liquorice, provides a luxurious aftertaste. This noble spirit should be sipped and savoured long in the mouth without the addition of still water to allow these warming attributes to fully reward the palate.

Pure 18 carat gold from the Island of Jura.


Isle of Jura 21 years Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Colour – Deep amber gold.


Nose – Rich and intense. Soft hints of marzipan and spicy chocolate flaunt themselves in an enticing manner. Aromas of spice and vanilla. Whispers of citrus toffee. Great harmony, warmly expressed.


Palate – Mellow and seductive. The warmth of the tongue releases these wonderful hedonistic flavours of spice, caramel, liquorice and almonds. A spectrum of delight that only age can bring.


Bronze award winner at 2005 International Wine and Spirit Competition


Jura Single Malt Whisky -Special Island Edition- 59.98%

The Delme-Evans Select.

Europa Oloroso Sherry. Cask No 1796.

Distilled 1st Nov. 1988. Second Edition 1st May 2007.

Individually numbered bottles of 586.


Jura Single Malt Scotch Whisky The Delme-Evans Select Tasting note..

Colour – Deep mahogany gold.

Nose – Rich and nutty.  Silky notes of intense marzipan and ripe Seville oranges  followed by crushed almonds, sweet bananas and mangos, with whispers of treacle toffee.

Palate –Melodies of citrus fruits, rich caramel and dark Colombian coffee  releasing more distinguished notes of aged Oloroso sherry and marmalade treasures.

This sensational single malt from the Island of Jura is a fitting tribute to the memory of a great man – Delme Evans.

Warmly remembered – his spirit still lives on.