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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Lauder's Blended Scotch Whisky

LAUDER’S Scotch Whisky has been in continuous production since 1836, making it one of the oldest Brands of Scotch Whisky still in distribution.  The original blend was developed by Archibald Lauder soon after the distilling of Whisky was made legal in 1815.  


Archibald Lauder owned a shop in North Street, Glasgow where he commenced trading in liquors and general grocery in 1834.  It took him two years of continuous development before he was satisfied that the Brand of whisky to carry his name was perfect.  


He was determined that his Brand “LAUDER’S” would meet the palate of the growing number of discerning consumers who were coming to terms with the new “legal” Scotch Whisky.  It could be said that he was one of the first businesses to consumer research, in that he invited “many good friends of cheer to taste and remark upon each concoction” until he was satisfied that the Blend had “universal appeal”.


So successful was Archibald Lauder that his very precise Blend was awarded with several gold medals in international competitions:


1886 Gold Medal at the Edinburgh International Exhibition of Industry, Science and Art.

1887 Gold Medal at the Manchester Royal Jubilee Exhibition.

1888 Gold Medal at the Glasgow International Exhibition.

1889 Gold Medal at the Paris Exhibition

1893 Gold Medal at the Chicago World Columbian Exhibition.


Even today, discerning consumers comment upon the smoothness and roundness of this ancient Blend.  It is a true reminder of the “Scotch Whisky of Old” and a perfect reflection of the ancient art of distilling.


Lauder’s is a fine, well balanced Scotch, smooth and easy on the palate, with a long sweet finish.

Lauders Scotch Whisky trademark

Lauders Finest blended Scotch whisky  Tasting Notes


Nose: Apples, pears


Palate: Mild grain and dry fruits


Finish: Some tobacco and spices

Lauder's 12 Year Old A full bodied Scotch Whisky


All the sweet smoothness of Lauder's Original can be detected in Lauder's 12 Year Old.  Added to this is a greater complexity and maturity of malts, a richer aroma and a longer finish which avoids the heaviness and unbalanced smokiness of some 12 Year Old blends.


Lauder's 12 Year Old Tasting Notes

Nose: Tropical fruits, biscuity


Palate: Spiced oak and chocolate


Finish: Rich caramel


Lauder's 15 Year Old A full bodied Scotch Whisky

After 15 years maturing in Scotland in oak casks, The master blender selects the best grain and malt whiskies to create the most grown-up of the Lauder's range. The smooth intensity and rich colour of the 15 Year Old Malt make this a blend truly to be savoured.


Lauder's 15 Year Old Tasting Notes

Nose: Sweet sherry


Palate: Intense fruity flavours and oak


Finish: Deep, lush sweetness