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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Great Southern Distillery

(Western Australia)

Limeburners Australian Single Malt Whisky

Great Southern Distillery Limeburners Whisky

The distillery is located sits by the Princess Royal Harbour in Albany on the South West coast of Western Australia.  The beauty of the region is undeniable, forests tall and rich, beaches white and endless, rain fresh from melted Antarctic snow caps - it is this spectacular environment that inspires them to produce the finest spirits.


The whisky takes its name from the nearby limeburning kilns, which were once manned by convicts. The limeburning kilns are National Heritage listed and highlights a city steeped in local history.


Using locally sourced ingredients of outstanding quality they take their time to produce small batches of hand crafted spirits.  The  white spirits are distilled using grapes from the Great Southern and Margaret River wine regions.The Limeburners Single Malt Whisky is produced from Southern Wheat Belt barley.


There are two stills in operation, an 1,800 litre Wash Still and a 580 litre Spirit Still  which are traditional whisky copper pot stills  custom made in Hobart, Tasmania, by Australian Still makers Knapp Lewer. The design was carefully selected to certain parameters for these stills to achieve a particular spirit profile. This decision was made after lengthy research on stills used by the distilleries producing the owners favourite Scottish Single Malt whiskies.


The shape of the still is one of the variables that affect the final flavour of whisky and, in line with the preference of many of the great distillers;  they are using specially designed small pot stills, loosely based on the design of some of the Scottish legends.  The stills have the lyne arms slope slightly down which helps to provide a great depth of character in the spirits.


Green Policy’s

With the pristine local environment in mind the distillery is powered by the Albany wind farm and they strive to re-use and recycle where possible.  The remains from the Whisky mash are fed to local cows (it is non-alcoholic!), The barrels have been used before they  buy them and are sent to wineries to be used after they have  finished with them.


Cameron Syme – Founding Director

In 2004 Cameron merged his love of whisky (Peated Single Malt to be exact) and his knowledge of business to establish the Great Southern Distilling Company. With roots extending back to Scotland and a history of family distilling, the path seemed a natural one. Along the way Cameron has worked for a multinational commercial law firm, had 10 years’ experience as an accountant in Australia and the United Kingdom and gained a UK Trades Board “General Certificate in Distilling”. He is currently a foundation member and Deputy Chairman of the Australian Distiller’s Association and is a principal of Latro Lawyers. Cameron and his family moved to Albany in 2005 to take advantage of the ideal distilling conditions and have enjoyed becoming part of the local community.


Ben Kagi – Master Distiller

Ben, a local from Albany, joined the company in 2005 and put his refined palate, honed over many years as a winemaker and associate judge in wine shows, to good use. After initially looking after product quality control (yes, this does mean Ben gets to spend his days tasting spirits), he is now the main distiller and has been instrumental in setting the standards for the award winning Limeburners Single Malt and Whisky Liqueur.


Cellar Door – People.

Incorporating the distillery, cellar door, cafe and visitors’ centre on Frenchman Bay Road, this local family owned business, has grown from small beginnings in 2004 to around 40,000 visitors a year. Visitors to the picturesque Albany facility have the opportunity to learn a little of the history of Whisky distillation, see the process in operation and finally sample and purchase the finished product and generally enjoy the location, premises and gardens 7 days a week.


The team is a group of very friendly and knowledgeable whisky and spirit lovers from Albany. They are in charge of everything from labelling and packing whisky to making coffee and delicious platters for visitors to the Cellar Door. They are frequently helping out in the distillery with bottling, barrelling, racking and sometimes even tasting! They also play a big role in keeping the distillers in line and on target (aka well fed, well watered and sane).


These ladies are experts on all of the Limeburners products and will happily guide customers on a tour of the distillery to show them where all the whisky magic happens.


Limeburners Single Malt Whisky

Bottled at 43% or Cask Strength. Each barrel has unique qualities and the Limeburners style, attention to detail and award winning flavour is present in every drop of whisky.


Standard Single Malt Whisky43%ABV

Are bottled at 43% abv and have been brought down from barrel strength by filter rain water.


Barrel Strength Single Malt Whisky

The Barrel Strength Single Malts are 61% abv.  They are bottled exactly as they come out of the barrel.  No caramel colouring or cold filtration, each expression shows the unique qualities of the barrel(s) it has been in.


Peated Single Malt Whisky

A smoky style of whisky.  In the initial stages of production the barley has been malted by burning peat, which adds a distinctive smoke flavour that carries right the way through the distillation and ageing process.


Whisky Liqueur 30%ABV

Limeburners Whisky Liqueur is a rich smooth blend of Single Malt Whisky married with local karri honey (unique to Western Australia) and infused with exotic spices. After several taste tests the local Karri Honey was a clear winner.  A tree unique to the South West of Australia, it flowers fully once every ten years, this honey is the jewel of the South.


Limeburners Sour Mash Whisky 43%ABV

Sour mash is a process in the distilling industry that uses material from an older batch of mash to start fermentation in the batch currently being made. A whiskey made using this process can be referred to as a sour mash whiskey.

Sour mash does not refer to the flavor of the whiskey, as is sometimes thought. The distillery uses a classic grain bill of Corn, Rye and Barley sourced from the south west and north Western Australian grain fields.

Great Southern Distillery

Cellar Door and Distillery


252 Frenchman Bay Rd.,

Robinson, Albany, WA 6330


E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 08 9842 5363


Visitor centre Please Confirm with the distillery before travelling