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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Mannochmore Speyside Distillery aka (Loch Dhu) Single Malt Scotch Whisky


Mannochmore Malt Whisky Distillery History  

Built by John Haig & Co in 1971 to contribute to Haig’s blends. The Mannochmore Distillery is situated south of Elgin, next door to its older sister distillery, Glenlossie.


Mannochmore and Glenlossie distillery set-up is similar in layout to the other UDV distilleries rebuilt during late 1960s, early 1970s.


Comparisons can be specifically drawn to several distilleries. For example: Clynelish distillery was built in 1819 and stood on its own until 1967 when a new modern distillery was built adjacent to it. The new distillery claimed the Clynelish name and the original distillery was renamed Brora. Both distilleries operated until 1983 when Brora was mothballed.


Further down the coast at Alness the Teanninich Distillery, (1871) again there are both old and new distillery buildings. However at Teanninich only the new buildings, built in 1970, house the distillery.


Near to Mannochmore the Linkwood distillery founded in 1821, went through a number of rebuild periods with the latest in the 1970's, again production was swapped to the new buildings. However they did not remove the old stills and recommissioned them in 1990. Today it produces from both the new and old distillery buildings.


It has been speculated that Mannochmore would similarly take over the production from Glenlossie. But this was not happened and both are still producing today. Maybe because even with both distilleries operate on a rotating basis with the same staff and using the same ingredients. They produce malts that are clearly different in style.


The distillery was mothballed in 1985, however was reopened in 1989. Mannochmore was made available as single malt in 1992 and in 1996 released the Loch Dhu Single Malt. An especially black looking whisky to catch onto the black fashion of the time. ‘Loch Dhu’ means ‘Black Lake’ in Gaelic.


A similar black whisky has been produced by the Speyside distillery  

“Cu Dhub” is very close in style and taste.


Most of the distillery production is used for blending in Haig and Dimple brands.


Mannochmore Single Malt Scotch Whisky Distillery Bottlings  

Mannochmore 12 Year Old Flora & Fauna.


Mannochmore Single Malt Scotch Whisky Older Distillery Bottlings  

Mannochmore 22 Year Old Rare Malt Selection

Loch Dhu The origonal black whisky


Mannochmore Single Malt Scotch Whisky Independent  Bottlings

Bladnoch Forum

Cadenhead’s ,

Connoisseurs Choice (Gordon & MacPhail),

Chieftains Choice,

Coopers Choice,

NC2 (Duncan Taylor)

Old Malt Cask (Douglas Laing),

Private Cellar (Speyside Distillers),

Provenance (Douglas Laing),

Scotts Selection (Speyside Distillers).



Mannochmore 1990 Single Malt Whisky 46%, 70cl

Distilled 1990 bottled 2006

as a Connoisseurs Choice by Gordon & MacPhail.


Tasting Notes...

Colour: Bright amber.


Neat without water


Nose: Earthy with hints of red apple skins. Boiled fruit sweets with a malty/nuttiness present.


Palate: Mulled, spiced fruit flavours, laced with sweet oak notes. A sweet, vanilla spiciness continues on a plate.


With Water


Nose: More sherry notes present - rich fruitcake and grape stalks. Subtle sweetness - hints of chocolate raisins.


Palate: Sweet malty flavours with a peppery spiciness. Traced of dry grass and a hint of ozone.


Body: Rich.


Finish: Malty with a spicy edge.


Cask Type: Refill Sherry Butts.


Whisky Style: Full bodied with an aromatic Speyside style.

Mannochmore Distillery,



Tel: +44 (0)1343 860331

No Visitor Facilities

Mannochmore Scotch Whisky

Distillery Style Tasting Notes


Nose: Fresh and fragrant. Malty with a hint of smoke.


Palate: Medium bodied. Intense barley, oaky, fruity.


Finish: Vanilla and oak with increasing sweetness.

Built in 1971 by John Haig & Co

Location Speyside region

Water source Bardon Burn


Mannochmore Distilling Equipment

Cast iron Mash tun.

8 Larch washbacks

3 Wash and 3 spirit steam heated pot stills