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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Miyagikyo Japanese Whisky Distillery

Whilst travelling in the area one day, Masataka came upon this site completely enclosed by mountains and sandwiched between two rivers. Resembling the Scottish highlands he immediately knew that this was the perfect site for a whisky distillery. Sendai's abundant fresh water, suitable humidity and crisp air produce soft and mild mannered malt.


The malt whisky produced at the Miyagikyo distillery is classed as being a light flowery fruity whisky this is attributed to the pot stills having boil balls and the lyne arms are slightly slanted upwards resulting in a lighter spirit.


The stills are steam heated with shell and tube condensers.


The distillery also has Coffey stills that where installed in 1999 having been previously located at the Nishinomiya Distillery. These stills are occasionally used to distil a malted barley wash (Coffey stills are traditionally used with un-malted grain) after the spirit is aged it is blended with the pot still whisky to create the “All Malt” brand


The spirit is matured in 24 brick dunnage warehouses close to the Nikkawa River.  


Miyagikyo Whisky Distillery Bottlings


Miyagikyo 10 year old 45% ABV


Miyagikyo 12 year old 45% ABV


Miyagikyo 12 year old Key malts

(2  Bottlings Soft & Dry -Fruity & Rich)


Miyagikyo 15 year old 45% ABV


Miyagikyo Nika Single Cask Vintages 1986, 1988, 1989, 1992


All Malt Combination of pot still and Coffey still malt whisky



Nishinomiya Distillery  (closed dismantled)

Bottled under the Nika label


Single Coffey Malt 12 years


Coffey Grain Whisky 12 yo 'Woody & Mellow' (component of the "Key Malts" tasting set)


Single Coffey Grain 70th Anniv. Edition


Nikka Single Cask Coffey Grain 1992


Nikka Coffey Grain - No age statement (possibly Miyagikyou)

Miyagikyou, Nikka Whisky Co. Sendai Plant.

Nikka 1, Aoba, Sendai City,

Miyagi Prefecture, Japan


Phone : +81 22 395 2111


Please Check With The Distillery Before Travelling

Founded in 1969 by Masataka Takesuru

Location Sendai North Japanese Mainland

Pot Stills and Coffey Stills


Matured in new wood American oak casks


Masataka Takesuru founded The Miyagikyo Distillery in 1969 this distillery is, close to the city of Sendai in northern Honshu, the main Island of the Japanese Islands

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