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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

West Virginia Distilling Co

Mountain Moonshine

Mountain Moonshine   West Virginia


Moonshine is a clear corn whiskey that is distilled from a fermented corn mash. If it was  aged for two years it  would become a Bourbon Whiskey.


Fresh from the still corn whiskey is often referred to as  Moonshine and is consumed without aging.


Moonshine has a reputation far and wide as a clean, clear and potent liquor. West Virginia Moonshine is particularly renowned for its crisp, clear, taste.


Until now, Moonshine has been hard to find. Almost all of it was distilled in the back woods, away from the prying eyes of tax revenue officers out to stop the illegal business of non-tax paid whiskey.


Payton Fireman with help from his friend Bo McDaniel decided to create a legal Moonshine distillery. So they started up West Virginia's first distilled spirits plant with license WV-DRB-1.


They make only legal corn whiskey, licensed, tax paid, hand bottled and their reputation stand behind every drop.


Mountain Moonshinetm is currently available in roughly 100 of the 150 liquor stores in West Virginia. It is not possible to sell or ship any liquor products to individual customers at this time


“The Sunshine's Best in Florida; The Moonshine's Best In West Virginia.”


Made With American Oak Chips

Moonshine is great, but aging it for a few weeks with oak chips makes it better.


It’s no secret that aging fresh whiskey in oak barrels will turn corn whiskey into bourbon; but bourbon takes two years. Traditional moonshiners, who weren’t sure they wouldn’t be in jail by then, took a practical approach and aged it with oak chips in a few weeks. It smoothed out the whiskey and “took the wang out of it.” It doesn’t take much, less than an ounce per bottle, to change the complexion of the whiskey from white lightning to smooth sipping.


The team at  Mountain Moonshinetm start with straight mountain moonshine, their own crafted product. After careful blending, oak chips that have been roasted to just the right colour are added. Then it is carefully monitored until just enough of the oak flavour has been transferred from the chips to the moonshine. When the time is right, day or night, out come the chips and its ready to bottle. The change is so dramatic it is hard to believe that it is the same product.


Finally, a moonshine that is easy to sip or to mix




West Virginia Distilling Co., LLC.

1380 Fenwick Ave

Morgantown, WV 26505


Mountain Moonshine

West Virginia Distilling Co., LLC.

1380 Fenwick Ave

Morgantown, WV 26505


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