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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Oerbaek-Bryggeri (DK)

Ørbæk brewery was founded in 1906 as a malt brewery by the Madsen family from Ørbæk, their ownership lasted three generations.

Converted to a white beer brewery in 1914.  the brewery was especially known for its Stakitøl, which was manufactured by røgmalt from the brewery's own malt house.Stakitøl was a top-fermented, dark beer, which had a smoky flavor. The beer was delivered in femliters bottles, which were placed in tremmekurve of wood - hence the name Stakitøl.


In the late 70s, the Madsen family sold the Ørbæk Brewery and up to the early 1990s had several different owners - the change of ownership was mainly due to the increasing competition in the beer and soda market from larger breweries the brewery was eventualy forced to close in 1994.


In 1996 Niels and Nicolai Rømer, purchased the Ørbæk Brewery.


The brewery was mainly intact, located in beautiful old buildings complete with brew house, bottling column and much more. After some refurbishing of machinery and buildings, the brewery went back into production in 1997.


Out of respect for the brewery's esteemed history and brewing soul, inspired  a belief in tradition and quality,  the company started to produce organic sodas and juices under the name of "natural fresh" .available at selected cafes and restaurants in the local area. In 2001 it was felt that it was time to resume production of beer at Ørbæk Brewery - organic beer. in 2002 a Brown Ale was released which won the gold medal the same year.


Ørbæk Distillery


It has long been a dream for the owners to produce organic whiskey and spirits which has now become a reality. Purchasing a new professional "Spirit" still with a capacity of 1000 liters manufactured in hand-forged copper and stainless steel. This is a patented column still from the firm Arnold Holstien in Germany, who have many years experience in producing these.


The objective  with the distillery is primarily malt whiskey production, which is a natural extension of the brewing process from the.

Ørbæk Brewery which has has highly suitable basements and attics to age the whiskey in American oak Burbon casks. The ambient temperature and the brewery's location near the sea, provides the perfect environment for storage of the Isle of Fionia single malt whiskey.


The production of whiskey was commenced in 2007 with a wait of at least 3 years before it can be called Whiskey, the first whiskey was released for sale in 2010.


There will initially be 2 styles of whiskey: Isle of Fionia single malt whiskey and the Isle of Fionia smoked whiskey.


Ørbæk Brewery is known for quality beer made from the best organic malts, with great richness and flavor. It is these selected malts which are used in the manufacture of spirits and liquor combined with the finest water, pumped up a few meters from Ørbæk source.


Initially production will concentrated on the ISLE FIONIA of single malt whiskey, which is a soft, round whiskey with a rich flavor.This will be followed up with the second style smoked ISLE of FIONIA Whisky (smoked whiskey).


Launch of the first 2 styles Isle of Fionia Whisky was in 2010 when the first barrels in Ørbæk distillery's history was drained, bottled in a special edition version with each bottle is signed and numbered.


With an increase in whiskey , it is planned to decrease production of various types of brandy, rum and brandy.

ISLE of FIONIA Single malt whiskey


It is not from the Scottish islands, but on the island of Fyn (Fionia) that the old Ørbæk Brewers have thrown themselves into the production of organic whiskey, from one of the first micro-distillerys in Denmark.


Isle of Fionia is the name of the new Danish Whisky and refers to the original ancient name for the island of Funen.

At Ørbæk Brewers they have installed a modern hand forged copper still with a capacity of 1000 litres. The 100 year old brewery buildings is the setting for the processing of malting, distilling and storing whiskey in oak barrels.


The distillery has a patented column still which burns some of the cleanest and fine spirits.

Nicolai and Niels Rømer

Ørbæk Bryggeri - Assensvej 38 - 5853 Ørbæk



Tlf. 65 33 21 11 -


Fax. 65 33 21 85