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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016


Is home to Original MOONSHINE

Original MOONSHINE Clear Corn Whiskey

Hand-crafted from 100% estate-grown corn and distilled four times in a Prohibition-era copper pot still — in the same authentic tradition that moonshine has been made for hundreds of years.

At 80 proof, the all-natural, gluten-free proprietary recipe is charcoal-filtered for the highest purity, quality and taste.

A truly versatile spirit, shine can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks  and in a wide range of mixed cocktails.



Located in historic Culpeper, Virginia. The Culpeper area was a highly prized position for both Union and Confederate troops during the American Civil War, and witnessed more troop movements than any location in the nation.


On the estate, they grow their own corn, harvest it, store it and grind it to make the corn mash for their whiskey.  In addition to the 120 acres of estate-grown corn, the property also features a private limestone reservoir. The distillery houses the genuine solid copper pot still, which was constructed in 1930, three years before the end of Prohibition.


Co Founders Brad Beckerman and Adam Perry Lang 

Brad Beckerman

With nearly 20 years of experience spanning merchandising, product development, licensing and marketing of consumer products,  

Noted as a "serial entrepreneur,” Brad’s latest endeavor is the launching of Original MOONSHINE® Clear Corn Whiskey, the landmark product of spirits company STILLHOUSE.®


As CEO of STILLHOUSE,® Brad oversees all facets of Original MOONSHINE® and infuses the brand with a modern twist of individuality, style and attitude.


Adam Perry Lang Co-founder of stillhouse®

Celebrity chef and restaurateur - What do you get when you put a French-trained chef from New York City in charge of the barbecue pit on a wild west ranch?


Some of the best baby back ribs and pulled pork the locals have ever tasted. Baby backribs and pulled pork are just a taste of Adam Perry Lang’s repertoire.


Adam’s experience and expertise extends to barbecue, grilling and now spirits with the development of Original MOONSHINE® Clear Corn Whiskey by STILLHOUSE®– a new spirits company.

As composer of the Original MOONSHINE® recipe, Adam successfully tamed the flavors of this artisanal, hand-crafted product to create a smooth, balanced clear whiskey with a hint of sweetness.


Internationally renowned barbecue chef Adam Perry Lang first experienced moonshine six years ago at a barbecue competition in Huntsville, Alabama. Having always been a whiskey drinker, Adam’s interest was immediately peaked once he tried the handcrafted authentic spirit from a mason jar. He realized that moonshine had great possibilities and was something that he thought he could help perfect. So Adam decided he would craft his own proprietary recipe for an irreverent spirit that could be sipped neat or mixed and he knew it could be paired well with just about everything.


With authenticity deeply rooted and always in mind, Adam questioned and deconstructed the why and what makes whiskey so great. While researching and exploring for a legal way to make moonshine, he discovered Chuck Miller, third generation master moonshine distiller from Culpeper, VA and Adam knew immediately that this guy was the "real deal". Chuck had a passion for moonshine and would light up and glow whenever he talked about it.


After speaking to Chuck over the phone, Adam knew he had to meet him in person and hopped in his car to drive the twelve hour trip from NYC to Chuck’s distillery in VA. The two traded recipes and ideas -- Chuck brought his excellent technical skills to bare and Adam lent his highly trained palette and his knowledge of what consumers want to taste and together they created an aromatic, shockingly clean, ultra smooth moonshine unlike any made before.


The result of their labor is The Original MOONSHINE®– a smooth, premium clear corn whiskey that embodies all the sweet characteristics of a summer corn in distillate form. The Original MOONSHINE® is handcrafted from 100 percent estate-grown corn and distilled four times in Chuck’s famous Prohibition-era copper pot still in the same authentic tradition that moonshine has been made for hundreds of years.


Chuck Miller, STILLHOUSE's third generation master distiller, has been making moonshine in the Appalachian tradition for over twenty years. The craft of distilling was taught to him by his grandfather who made whiskey and sold it illegally up until the 1960s.


At Stillhouse Distillery in Culpeper, VA, Chuck oversees every batch of Original MOONSHINE® from start to finish, staying true to the proprietary recipe he and Adam Perry Lang developed together. Chuck manages the distillery and farm with his wife Jeanette Miller.


Original MOONSHINE® Tasting Notes

Nose:-Freshly snapped cornhusk, but only after a bare drizzle of pure water is added to open the nose.


Versatility:-The subtle, distinctive character is most noticeable when sipped just shy of neat with a splash of pure water. The mixability of this spirit is most friendly to any fruit that has medium or strong acidity, but is also well-matched with most mixers within the bartenders’ repertoire.


Taste:- Smooth, mellow and elegant. A mild warm sweetness of unrefined raw sugar, retaining the richness from freshly picked corn.


Finish:- A pleasant and tempered clean finish, void of impurities, with a diffused and balanced lingering of warmth.



Cedar Run Road,




Open April - December

Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 5pm,


Please Confirm with the Distillery Before Travelling