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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Other Irish Whiskey Brands

Featured brands that do not have their own distillery


A Drop of the Irish (by Blackadder International Bottlers)

bottled at 45% vol without  chill-filtration


Adelphi Scottish Independent Bottlers

Slaney Malt Irish Whiskey

Suir Peated Malt Irish Whiskey


Avoca Irish Blended Whiskey

Golden Irish

Own brands of Irish whiskey, distilled for Dunnes Stores, Ireland


Ballygeary Irish Blended Whiskey

Brennans Irish Blended Whiskey aimed at US market

From the Cooley Distillery


Brogan's Legacy Irish 10 year old Single Malt Whiskey

Produced by P.G. Brogan & Company Limited. it is triple distilled and aged in a mix of American Oak Bourbon barrels and Iberian Oak Sherry casks


Celtic Cask Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Vintage Single Cask Bottlings from the Cooley Distillery


Cassidy's  Irish Blended Whiskey

From the Cooley Distillery


Coleraine  Irish Blended Whiskey

Named after the defunct distillery the malt element came from Bushmills


Concannon  Irish Blended Whiskey

From the Cooley Distillery


Dunphy's Irish Blended Whiskey

A budget whiskey designed back in the 1950's for the U.S. market, this whiskey is now only available in Ireland


FECKiN Irish Whiskey.

FECKiN Spiced Irish Whiskey infusion.

Strangford Gold

From the Cooley Distillery, Supplies seem to have stopped since Jim Beems takeover of the Cooley distillery.  



Hewitts Irish Whiskey Now Discontinued

a blend of Bushmills and Midleton Malt with some grain whiskies


Inish Turk Beg Irish Whiskey. Maiden Voyage.

10 year old Cooley distillery single malt  matured in thirteen expired ex-bourbon barrels, filled with "poitín" for a year (Cooley new make spirit) emptied and then left them to weather on the island. Rainwater, fresh off the Atlantic, was used to water down the cask-strength spirit to a bottling strength of 44%. The final presentation was a spherical, tilted, hand-blown bottle. 2,888 of these one-litre bottles were produced.


Innismore Irish Whiskey

By the  Irish Fiddler Whiskey Company Ltd Using Cooley Distillery Stock


Jack Ryans Beggars Bush 12 tear old Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Own brand for Ryans Beggers Bush Public House in Dublin Origonally using single malt whiskies from the long closed Dublin Whiskey Distillery (1946). They now work with the Teeling Whiskey Company


John L. Sullivan Irish whiskey

Named after a famous Prize fighter John L. Sullivan The last Bare-Knuckle Boxing Heavyweight Champion of the World successfully defended his Bare-Knuckle title in 1889, for the final time in a historic 75 round fight. He then went on to be the first Gloved Heavyweight Champion of the World


Is  a small batch blend of single grain and single malt whiskeys from the Cooley Distillery, aged between 4 to 10 years in ex Bourbon Barrels that have only been used once.


Made up of whiskeys from only the finest, individually selected barrels with their unique character discovered during the maturing process process.


This special bottling by the Cooley Distillery pays tribute to an Irish American legend & to all the descendants of the hard working Irish immigrants who came to America. Aging the whiskey in Single Use American Oak Bourbon Barrels, honors John L. Sullivan & the Irish immigrants, as they too were the ‘Product of Ireland’, but ‘Aged in America’.


John L. Sullivan Irish Whiskey, created by entrepreneur, Amir Peay, is smooth, yet at the same time rich, complex & balanced. It is layered with hints of oak, vanilla, spice, citrus, malt, and honey. The finish is long and has a silky bourbon character from the barrels.


May 2012 Jim Beam Global following its acquisition of the Cooley Distillery in Ireland,has decided to cancel production of John L. Sullivan Irish whiskey, Amir Peay promises that “the John L. Sullivan brand of boutique whiskey is not going anywhere. The brand was created to provide consumers with special whiskies and to pay homage to this great American sports and saloon icon, and will continue to do that with fantastic whiskey made in partnerships

with other distilleries.


Michael Collins Irish malt and blended Whiskey

Sydney Frank US drinks importer required an Irish Whiskey to go along with their other spirit brands. Creating their own label Launched in the US in March 2006 Stock came from the Cooley Distillery. Named after the famous assassinated Irish Politician.

Michael Collins blended  Irish Whiskey

Michael Collins 10 year old Single Malt Irish Whiskey (No Longer available)


Murphy's Irish Blended Whiskey

Withdrawn when Irish Distillers decided to focus its energies on Jameson.


Old Kilkenny  Irish Blended Whiskey

An Irish Distillers own brand for ASDA


O'Briens Irish Blended Whiskey

Blended by Cooley for the now defunct Somerfield supermarkets


O'Neills Irish Blended Whiskey

Cooley blend for the  O'Neills "Irish" pub chain.


Preston Drogheda Millennium Malt irish whiskey

A selected  cask (number 1310) of the finest Malt Irish whiskey from the Cooley Distillery stock which best captures the unique character and flavour of Preston's Whiskey.


Shanahan's Single Malt Irish Whiskey

made exclusively for the famous steakhouse Shanahan's on the Green in St Stephens Green Dublin Stock comes from Cooley Distillery.


West Cork Distillers

West Cork Irish Whiskey:

40% abv a delicate blend of grain and malt whiskey matured in Bourbon casks.


West Cork 10 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey:

A non-chill filtered whiskey matured in first fill, flame charred Bourbon barrels

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