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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Old Hobart Tasmainia Distillery

Overeem Single Malt Australian Whisky

Located in Southern Tasmania, This craft distillery has been producing hand-crafted whiskies since 2007.


Using the very best ingredients Tasmania has to offer – The quality barley to rival the finest in the world and the purest water – to produce a world-class premium whisky.


The Old Hobart Distillery is a family-owned business, with operations headed by Casey Overeem.  His interest in distilling was kindled in the early 1980s when he had his first experience of distilling at a relative’s house in Norway. Casey stated,


“Way back then, many Scandinavians had micro-distilleries in their cellars producing excellent spirits and whiskies. Returning to Tasmania I started experimenting and over time developed what was to become the Overeem range of malt whiskies”


After much research, it was realised that Tasmania offered the perfect climate and all ingredients for the production of malt whisky. A trip to Scotland, the spiritual home of all whiskies shortly followed with visits to around 15 distilleries to gain a better knowledge of the whole distillation process. Casey appreciates everyone that was open to offering advice and sharing information!


Old Hobart Distillery secured a distiller’s licence in 2005 and is now in full production with whisky maturing in mainly 100 litre barrels which have been cut down from the larger barrels. These casks are hand selected and coopered from ex-port, ex-sherry and ex-bourbon French and American Oak barrels.


Today, Casey remains fully hands-on in all aspects of the day to day running of the distillery, including weekly distilling, bottling, tastings and attending trade events around the world.  


Overeem malt whiskies have become synonymous for their sublime qualities. The distillery produces just 8000 bottles each year making them highly desirable and sought after by whisky aficionados the world over.


The first whiskies bottled for global releases were Port and sherry cask matured in December 2011, this is due to be followed up with bourbon cask matured stock expected to reach maturity in 2016. Every bottle is individually numbered, highlighting the cask that was used during the maturation process and the bottle number from the individual cask. This whisky is non-chill filtered and no colouring added.


Overeem Single Malt Whisky Tasting Notes;




Overeem port matured Single Malt Whisky is aged in ex-port French-oak barrels. Hand-selected barrels cut down to a 100 litre (quarter cask) capacity to produce an intense whisky of incredible character and flavour.


Overeem Port matured Single Malt Whisky 43% ABV:

On the eye: Deep gold and brassy.

On the nose: moderately intense aromatics, vanilla, summer fruits (strawberry, redcurrants, plums and nectarines) , caramel, butterscotch, Turkish delight, crème brulee, plum pudding, rum soaked raisins, strong baking spices and a hint of cider.

On the palate: Creamy texture, sweet and delicately spicy, flavours of fruitcake, caramel, liquorice and sweet malt.

The finish: long with vanilla bean laced with spiced raisins.


Overeem Port Matured Single Malt Whisky 60% ABV:

On the eye: Deep brass and gold.

On the nose: notes of choc-chip cookie, orange marmalade, clove and caramel. With a dash of water brings out, orchard fruits.

On the palate: Spicy dried fruits including raisin and date, toasted nuttiness.  

The finish: Long, hints of plum, sultana, liquorice and cocoa.




Overeem sherry matured Single Malt Whisky is aged in ex-sherry French-oak barrels. Also quarter cask, these barrels produce a variance to our port matured whisky which will be appreciated by the discerning palate.


Overeem Sherry matured Single Malt Whisky 43% ABV:

On the eye: deep bright brass and gold.

On the nose: chocolate ice-cream, citrus, vanilla, rum soaked dried fruits and plump raisins, barley sugar, butter menthol, cinnamon and Christmas cake.

On the palate: chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla, soft caramel, vibrant blood orange, stewed stone fruits and roasted nuts.

The finish: Dark chocolate, lightly charred nuts and sherry infused dried fruits.


OvereemSherry matured Single Malt Whisky 60% ABV:

On the eye: deep gold, burnished brass.

On the nose: A wallop of classic sherry wood, rich fruit cake, sweet spices, wood spice and dark chocolate.

On the palate: intense, bold sherry notes, orange zest, star anise, cocoa, sweet spices and hints of dried fruit. With water, woody smoke, vanilla and toasted nuts.

The finish: Also long., mildly bitter, spicy and warm with a subtle cocoa and bubble gum aftertaste, with moist raisins and orange peel.


Distillery Visits:

By appointment only.

If you would like to visit the Old Hobart Distillery, please email to make an appointment.

[email protected]