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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Paddy Irish Whiskey

Paddy Irish Whisky History.


In 1882, a young Patrick J. O’Flaherty joined the Cork Distilleries Company as a traveller. Paddy covered an area stretching from Youghal to Mallow selling the rather unwieldy named ‘Cork Distilleries Company Old Irish Whiskey’


As Paddy travelled from pub to pub by train and car, he always drew a crowd, as it was well known that this most generous of fellows would always stand you a round.


This was an ingenious way of ensuring everyone got a taste for the Cork Distillery Company’s Old Irish whiskey and put pressure on the publicans to keep it in stock. When publicans ran low on stocks, they wrote to the distillery asking for another case of ‘Paddy Flaherty’s whiskey’.


The name stuck so much so that in 1912, Cork Distilleries officially changed the name of the whiskey to Paddy Irish Whiskey.

Paddy Whiskey is distilled three times from the finest quality barley and water. This ensures a whiskey, which is particularly light, well balanced and pure.


During the early part of the 1900s, whiskey, in Ireland, was sold in casks from the distillery to wholesalers, who would in turn sell it on to publicans. Cork Distilleries Company was very proud of the strong reputation, which its whiskey had earned and wanted to prevent any fluctuation in whiskey quality due to bonder underhandedly diluting the casks.


Thus the company was one of the first to bottle their Old Irish whiskey, which eventually became known as Paddy Whisky


Up until quite recently (2005?) the whiskey was always labelled as whisky without the “e”. It has at some point changed to the traditional Irish spelling Whiskey.


Paddy Irish Whiskey Tasting Note


Nose: - Fresh and lively, aromatic - a complex interplay of nutty maltiness, woodland fragrances and spice, with hints of honey and vanilla.


Taste: - Mild, soft, a distinctive mellow maltiness, a touch of sweet oil, spiciness - and again those background notes of honey, vanilla, toasted wood.


Finish: - A sweetness gently fading, mellow maltiness and mild woody notes lingering pleasingly.

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