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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Quincy Street Distillery (IL)

Owner & Distiller Derrick Mancini, Local Resident at  Riverside of 17 years. A research scientist at the Nanoscale Materials Centre, Argonne  National laboratory  Planed to open a craft distillery with retail space and tasting room.


Danny Maguire Distillery Consultant, former assistant distiller at Koval


Quincy Street Distillery is part of the modern  Artisan - Craft – Micro - Distillery Heritage.


Bringing classic distilling together with innovative flavours to create inspired spirits with unique and distinctive expressions of taste.


Whiskey Brands

Water Tower White Lightning Corn Whiskey

Boubon Spring ( Maturing)

North American Steamship Rye (Maturing)

Praire Moonshine


Distillery Timeline

January 10th 2013 First run of malt rye Whiskey


November 10th 2012 First Barrel filled of Corn Whisky to become Bourbon Ready in two years time.


July 7th , 2012 Illinois Liquor Control Commission issued the Craft Distiller manufacturer’s liquor license! Immediately began production of the first products, including Water Tower White Lightning an   un-aged Illinois corn whiskey.


July 5th , 2012 Received  retail liquor license from the Village of Riverside.


June 11th 2012 Testing Completed and still fired up


March 27th 2012 Still Delivered from Vendome


March 1st 2012 Chicago gained  it’s fifth federally licensed distillery. Quincy Street Distillery received it’s official Distilled Spirits Permit from the federal government.


November 2nd 2011  Lease signed  for 39 Quincy Strreet


Distilling Equipment

50 gallon charge, Electrically heated Copper and Stainless Steel Still with Distillation union and a four bubble plate Column with Stainless Steel Condenser. Manufactured by Vendome Copper & Brass Works Inc Loisville KY from a Derrick Mancini design.


100 gallon spirit storage tank

Matured in barrels from the Independent Stave Company.  



The distillery operates in a historic shop unit in the very heart of beautiful Riverside, district of Illinois, This was one of the first planned suburban communities in the United States. Originally designed by Fredrick Law Olmstead, the landscaping mastermind behind New York City’s Central Park,


Riverside was created as an idyllic mix of nature and culture, urban and rural. With its meandering streets hugged the wooded banks of the Desplaines River, kept safe and bright at night by state-of -the-art gas street lamps.


By the time it was incorporated in 1875, the Village of Riverside was a perfect refuge from the bustle and clamour of nearby Chicago, a commuter’s paradise where busy industrialists could walk from the train station by the broad village commons to homes designed by Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright.


This heritage of craftsmanship and community still runs strong in Riverside (now a National Historic Landmark);  the immediate neighbours include the renowned Higgins glass studio and a vibrant community art centre.


Quincy Street Distillery honours this legacy with meticulously crafted small-batch spirits that balance the creative with the classic, as well as the commitment to using the finest regional ingredients, and collaborating with other local artisans.


Whiskey Brands

Water Tower  White Lightning™ Whiskey

The corn whiskey is distilled from corn mash with malted barley and rye, then bottled without ageing


Bourbon Spring™

Young rested bourbon whiskey is the corn whiskey after ageing 4 months in a new charred small oak barrel. Limited production


North American Steamship Rye™

Premium rye whiskey distilled from all malted rye, then bottled after brief ageing in new charred oak barrels.


Prairie Moonshine™

Distilled from a mixture of corn mash and honey, in the tradition of ‘shiners that would augment their mash with sugar. Limited production.

Quincy Street Distillery

39 East Quincy Street, Riverside.



+1 708-870-5987


Shop Unit with distillery to the rear.


Tours of the distillery can be arranged by appointment, or can be requested during a visit to the Retail Shop if time allows.


Please Contact the company to confirm before travelling.