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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Roseisle Speyside Whisky Distillery

The construction work on Roseisle was completed in spring 2009 as planned.   built using a combination of the most modern environmental technology and traditional distilling techniques. Including best practice found at Diageo’s 27 existing malt distilleries,


Roseisle Distillery stillhouse features 14 copper stills crafted by Diageo’s coppermiths at Abercrombies, Alloa. Mashing will take place in two mash tuns and fermentation in 14 stainless steel wash backs.  


The new distillery will create 25 new jobs – a combination of operational and support roles.


Roseisle Distillery will produce around 10million litres of alcohol per annum.

The distillery will feature cutting edge green technology and the majority of the by-products will be recycled on site. Potential CO2 emissions at the distillery will be reduced by approximately 13,000 tonnes (equivalent to 10,000 family cars) through direct savings on fuel use for steam raising.


The renewable energy will be generated from liquid and solid by-products – a mixture of barley husks, yeast and water - produced during distillation and dust and rootlets from the maltings germination process.  This is separated into liquid, producing energy in the form of biogas through anaerobic digestion, and dried solids which form a biomass fuel source.  

Roseisle Distillery Roseisle Distillery

Roseisle Distillery will be Scotland’s first major new distillery for 30 years, costing £40 million; the distillery is part of a £100 million investment programme Diageo is undertaking in Scotland

The management and operating team have been in placed since April (2009).


Site operations Manager Gordon Winton is heading up the team of 10 operators at the Distillery.  


Roseisle is in commissioning phase at the moment and it is expected that distillery will be in full production later this summer (2009).


Because the spirit produced must mature for a legal minimum of three year, they will not have access to the spirit from Roseisle until 2012 at the earliest.


The distillery will produce two types of single malt spirits for a range of Diageo's blended Scotch Whiskies.  


There are no plans at present to market the output of the new distillery as a new single malt brand.


A local stonemason Danny Ralph from Burghead has created a representation of a renowned local Pictish stone to guard the entrance to the distillery.  


The sculpture of The Easterton Stone features the carving of the Solan goose and Salmon on one side and a mirror and scepter on the reverse. The original can be seen in the National Museum of Edinburgh and has been graded a Class 1 monument.

Roseisle Distillery

Located Next To The


Roseisle Maltings, Roseisle, Morayshire

IV30 5YP.


No Visitor Facilities