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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Spirit of Hven Swedish Whisky

On the island of Hven in the strait of Öresund between Denmark and Sweden lies the “Spirit of Hven“ distillery – This island not only has a fully functioning distillery it also boasts a four star Conference Hotel Resort with Restaurant and Public House.


This island has  a strong agricultural heritage, in a region that has some of Sweden’s best agricultural producers and it is therefore natural for Spirit of Hven to have a strong emphasise on using local raw materials.


The  “Spirit of Hven“ Distillery


Spirit of Hven distillery is one of  the worlds smallest commercial Pot Still distillery’s. The entire distillation process  from mashing fermentation, distilling, maturation through to bottling are carried out on site.


In the Spirit of Hven distillery everything is designed down to the last bolt for creating the unique character that will go in to one of the world’s best spirits.


Spirit of Hven works with a long fermentation period and a variety of yeast strains to obtain the right flavour and nose in the final spirit. The three stills with their shell and tub condensers are designed to give the right surface area of Copper and the right reflux resulting in a magic combination of nose and taste.


The casks and maturation is the most important part of making wood enhanced spirits, somewhere between 40 and 80 percent of the final character in the spirit evolves here. It is crucial which variety of oak is used, where it has grown and the “terroir” given by the specific oak. It is also important how the casks have been produced and under what circumstances.


Another aspect is if the oak is new (virgin), that means the cask have never contained any other wines or spirits, or if the casks are refill’s for example are old Sherry butts.

This will affect the flavour profile given from the oak and some of the flavour from the previous contents will also spice/season the fresh spirit put in the cask.


It is because of this Spirit of Hven has put enormous effort into finding the right wood to source, from all over Europe and USA, as well as finding the right producers of Wines and Spirits to season the casks prior to filling with the distillates from Spirit of Hven.


Yet another aspect of oak maturation is the microclimate surrounding the cask, the humidity, temperature, relative pressure and the fluctuations of these all come in to play. If the actual air at a specific site makes a difference in the final spirit remains to be seen, but it just might.


The final factor for the product is bottling, this as well is a bit more complicated than can be expected. Final product is affected by strength, how the dilution is made and the actual bottling. All alcohol needs to rest a while in its new environment before it can be appreciated fully, strange however still something to take under consideration.


The Whisky produced will become the flagship for the Spirit of Hven Distillery after it has had its time with the oak maturation and hopefully be one of the most sought after Whiskies in the world.


There are two main categories of Whisky being produced and in the future these will be given two sub categories each. They will have a different nose - and taste spectrum however  still the same backbone for recognition.


Spirit of Hven Swedish Whisky

Distillery Tasting Notes


Spirit of Hven No1 Swedish Whisky


This is a Whisky that should feel like a calm spring rain underneath a gentle sun on our beautiful island.


It should express a smooth tone of the fruits grown here during spring and summer, some Raspberries, Apples, Vanilla and Chocolate (OK, Vanilla and Cacao is not grown on the island but you get the drift…) followed by Rhubarb and Raisins.


This is a perfect Aperitif, it goes well with mature cheese, Apple cake with vanilla cream or just at it is.


All this is created thru careful malting of the barley without smoke, long fermentation time with different yeast strains and of course specially selected oak casks, aged in perfect conditions.


Spirit of Hven No2 Swedish Whisky


This is a Whisky that expresses the island heritage of fishermen, farmers and an occasional hefty winter storm.


You can almost grasp the scent of windswept beach, seaweed and smoked fish, you find clear notes of the fertile soil and freshly cut barley. In combination with this you will find a sweet tone of honey mixed with autumn apples and liquorice.


Created by kilning the barley carefully with different wood varieties and peat, careful mashing, long fermentation and the special distillation in our small pot stills.


This Whisky demands extra care and hard work with the oak and the casks prior and after filling.


A Whisky for the true Connoisseur, to enjoy in front of the fireplace, with a good book or with friends and a pint. It goes well with most smoked food, salmon, eel, ducks breast and with blue mould cheese.


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Spirit of Hven Distillery

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