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Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey


A unique small batch whiskey cultivated in Colorado’s only micro-distillery is a whiskey unlike any other – a straight Rocky Mountain whiskey that embraces the true pioneering spirit of the West.


Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey™ is expected to set a new classification for the liquor, as its unique distilling techniques blend the processes used to make both Scotch and Bourbon whiskeys. What results is a spirit with a traditionally Bourbon amber-red colour, but a lighter, smoother taste than any other whiskey on the market.


Stranahan’s is the vision of whiskey enthusiast and volunteer fire-fighter Jess Graber. Who  embraced the pioneering spirit embodied in the Rocky Mountains and began concocting a new recipe for a drink he could call his own.


The whiskey mash includes four different barleys grown in the Northern Rockies and water from crystal clear Rocky Mountain streams.


“This cleaner, purer mash is double filtered and double distilled, giving the distillery a superior product starting off.  Our still is a pot/column combination — pot is generally a Scotch-style still, and column is a Bourbon-style still. We thought it would be an efficient way to achieve the purity we expected”, Graber says. “Being hand-crafted allows us to control the process and the quality a lot better.”

After distilling, the whiskey spends two years aging Bourbon-style, in charred, American oak barrels that impart vanilla and caramel flavours. Graber experimented for 30 years distilling whiskey before happening upon the combination of distilling technology that is proving to be groundbreaking.


Since the whiskey is entirely handcrafted, production is limited; Graber notes that Stranahan’s will make in a year what some distillers make in a day. “Typically when a distiller bottles his whiskey, several hundred or even several thousand barrels are combined for a staunchly uniform taste.


And the way we see it, we want you to be able to trust what's in the bottle, without sacrificing character. So we make three barrels of whiskey each week, which is about five minutes of production for some of the mass producing distilleries.


We select two to six of our choicest barrels, and combine them for a small batch with a reliable, yet distinctive flavour unique to Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey.”


Bottles are currently on sale throughout Colorado and are also available at the distillery.

Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey

2405 Blake Street





Phone 303 296 7440


Tours, by appointment, Monday through Thursday, 9:00 A.M. to 11:30 A.M.


Appointments can be made by calling the distillery at 303-296-7440.

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