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Strathearn Whisky and Gin Distillery

Strathearn Distillery is near the village of Methven in Perthshire,  probably Scotland’s smallest whisky and gin distillery.


The spirit is matured in small octave size (50 litre) casks to give the whisky a traditional and distinctive flavour. By using either peated or non-peated malt and varying the type of cask, for example sherry, rum or bourbon, each batch of whisky will be totally unique. As whisky can only be called Scotch whisky once it has spent a minimum of three years in a cask in Scotland.


The first cask will mature into Scotch whisky on the 1st of November 2016.


The distillery produces hand-crafted, artisan single cask, single malt whisky by using traditional methods and ideas. Small copper stills are used to create individual batches of spirit matured in small casks. In addition to whisky, the distillery also produces a range of premium gins which are now widely marketed across Scotland and beyond. This one of the few places where you can have a cask of whisky made especially for you!


“Bella” WASH STILL (the Stripper)

At just under 1000 litres Bella could be described as fat bottomed girl! She works tirelessly to strip alcohol from the wash to produce low wines. On occasion she has been known to get a little mucky whilst performing, that's when she's affectionately known by the team as "Bella the Dirty Stripper".



The smaller of the two girls, Erin is known for good taste, and a touch of class. As the 500 litre spirit still she brings finesse and flavour to the team. Never known for the speed of her work, Erin is all about quality not quantity.


The Strathearn Distillery Team

Tony Reeman-Clark (Owner)

Tony brings enthusiasm and new projects to every meeting. Much like Tony's 4 dimensions of gin, his favourite drink depends on the place, the time and the company and rest assured it's normally alcohol. His favourite movie would be Easy Rider probably accompanied by his guilty pleasure, a packet of digestives and a mug of coffee.


Stuart McMillan (Distillery manager)

Stuart met Tony by chance on a training day three years ago and that's when the seed was sown for developing Strathearn Distillery at Bachilton Farm Steading. An outgoing individual, Stuart likes nothing more than talking, and not always about the distillery. His favourite drink would be a Treacle made with good rum and served in a fun environment.


Zack Shenfield  (Distiller)

"The Creator", Zak is an exceptionally talented distiller. Starting at an early age Zak has honed his distilling skills with hours of hands on "playing" with Bella and Erin. He has learned all their little idiosyncrasies, and has been known to suggest they are "High Maintenance" at times, but not within earshot.


Liam Pennycook (Brewer)

Liam "The Bearded Sage", wise beyond his years, is the distillery head brewer. Nothing gives Liam more pleasure than to attain the perfect mash, in fact the world record he would most like to hold would be "World's best looking Mash". Liam's ideal evening would probably involve Pyrat XO Reserve rum,.


Uisge Beatha

From Gaelic meaning “Water of Life” the distillery has released three limited run Uisge Beathas.

Each one has a distinct and unique flavour profile formed by a short maturation of 28 days in a 30 litre cask. Each one of the Uisges will give you a unique insight into how whisky used to be produced. Traditionally small distillers on the West coast of Scotland, distilled malt spirit and stored it in small and varied casks. This was done for two reasons, one it was easier to hide small casks from the tax man and two, there were numerous casks available. Everything from port, wine, Madeira, brandy or salted herrings was transported by small casks. When empty they were filled with new make spirit and transported on horseback to the local watering hole. This gave an unusual and unique finish to malt spirit. The three Uisges have been aged in Cherry, Chestnut and Mulberry wood to give a unique and old world finish to the new make.


Distillery Experiences  

The company offers several different experiences at Strathearn Distillery,  from a simple tour of our farm based distillery, or a day spent distilling whisky, an afternoon making and drinking gin, right up to the ultimate experience of becoming a member of the new Strathearn Distiller’s Club.


To give you an Idea of what is available Please contact the distillery for details and up to date prices. (Prices quoted are for 01/06/2015)


The Distillery Tasting Experience

Visitors are always welcome. Opening times are generally Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm, so phone or email and make an appointment.  The cost is £25.00 per person and generally lasts approximately 90 minutes.


The Gin Lover Experience

4 hour gin lover day will cover all things gin. Whether you’re a gin aficionado or new to the gin craze, They offer you a fantastic insight into this magical spirit. Cost £65 per person, generally lasting about 4 hours. Dates – 27th June, 18th July, 1 August, 22nd August, 19th September, 17th October 2015


The Connoisseur Experience.

Following the same format as the gin lover experience the connoisseur goes into yet more detail. Hosted by both the distillery manager and distiller, this is a behind the scenes look at how  they design and produce their  spirits..


Uisge Beatha is next; how whisky used to be. Our new make spirit is aged in casks similar to those that may have been available hundreds of years ago. There is a cherry, mulberry and chestnut finish for you to try. Cost £150 per person, generally with a maximum of 8 people.


One Day Whisky Making Experience

Spend a day in the Strathearn Distillery operating the stills. Producing a batch of low-wines from the wash still and running the spirit still for new-make spirit. If you are feeling energetic, you can help with the mash tun! Cost £145 per person, with a maximum of 3 people.


Three Day Whisky Making Experience

The three day experience can be the most physical of the experiences if you really want to get involved. You will spend three consecutive days in Strathearn Distillery and experience the whole whisky making experience: from bags of malt to new-make spirit. You will experience everything that occurs in the one day experience but everything will be in much more detail as you have a day on each phase of whisky making. Cost £390 per person, with a maximum of 3 people.


Five Day Whisky Making School.

This is an intense whisky making experience. Over a period of 5 full days, you will experience every aspect of the distilling process from mashing-in, to distilling by yourself to produce your own new-make spirit. All the surrounding processes such a cask filling, instrumentation

You’ll leave with your own 2 litre cask, an exclusive bottle of Uisge Beatha, a Certificate of Distilling and a toast to your successful whisky making. When you are on the Whisky Making School Experience, the distillery is yours for a week as you become part of the Strathearn team, spending time with the distiller, learning about the whole process. The cost of the week long school is £840 per person, a maximum of 2 people.


Strathearn Distillery

Bachilton Farm Steading,




T: 01738 840100


Strathearn Distillery

Bachilton Farm Steading,




T: 01738 840100


Please Contact the distilery

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