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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Swhisky Swiss Whisky

Switzerland is not renowned for its whisky production, however look more closely, the Valais region has a number of similarities with the Scotland:


Cold mountain water


A suitable climate

Expertise in fermented products


so why not ..


In 2009 Jim Murray's Whisky Bible Their whisky scored 91 and 94


Started in 2001 by Alex Delaloye with two distillations of 50 and 200 litres


He has since shared his passion in (2003) with partners with the same interest


Alex & Lysiane Delaloye, Thierry Faust & Johanna Pitteloud


Their ambition was not to produce a copy of a whiskey or light Scotch ,

But to make a Swiss Spirit based on traditional whisky making:



Spring Water

Slow distillation

Matured in Casks.


The spirit produced is not whiskey as it as every right  to be called  but as Swhisky  in respect to Switzerland.


The company thanks all professional Scotsman that have contributed to achieve this ambition


The SWHISKY is produced in the same way as whisky,


For Glen Vignettes  wort they  use a type of Scottish Pils from the Valaisanne Brewery, A member  of the Carlsberg Breweries company. The water source is from "The girl" Arbaz from near the Brewery at Valaisanne .


The wort it taken to the distillery in road tankers


Glen Vignettes  washback  contains 6000 litres


For distilling Glen Vignettes  Hohlstein  stills are used


Swhisky is matured in oak casks from Burgundy (Beaune) of 114 litre capacity which have contained Syrah and Petite Arvine


Swhisky Tasting Notes



Initial version refined to Arvine. Fruity, slightly salty, the lightest of the range.

For aperitif.



Refinement to the Syrah. Fruity, masculine, with hints of plum jam and toast.

To spend a pleasant evening.



Version smoke for fans. Rustic, balanced with a hint of fresh leather.

By the end of the meal with dark chocolate.



Version from the drum (cask) to 56.2 °.

Ample, powerful, with hints of pepper and ginger.

Provide a bed nearby.


Lady Ô

Whiskey liqueur with sweet and spicy notes.

For dessert, like a wine or port over ripeness.




2003 Chardon Eurowhisky gold


Whiskey Bible 2004 Abred 89 points


Distiswiss 2005


"National of Spirits noble"

Brandy distinguished noble (Annouim)


Forum Romand des Eaux de Vie 2006


Spirits Competition in Switzerland - April 2006

Degree: Gwenwed

Gold Medal: Annouim

Gold Medal: Abred

Gold Medal: Challenge

Gold Medal: Ginsky


Excellence Award: Best of Category: Annouim 19/20 points

Copainrative Lap'Tou

c/o Maison Les Vignettes

Les Vignettes 6

1957 ARDON / Suisse


Tasting center

 "Laping House" Room

Can accommodate 30 people for a meeting discovery, initiation, drink ...


Open by appointment


Please Confirm Details Before Travelling