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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Wm Teacher & Sons

Teacher's History


1832 William Teacher commences selling his own blends from his wife’s grocery store in Glasgow.


1856 is awarded a “License for consumption” and opens the first “Dram Shop”.


“Perfection of old Scotch whisky”, William Teacher’s Highland Cream blended whisky is launched in 1863.

William Teacher passes away (1876) leaving the business to his sons William and Adam. They complete the move to their new head office at St Enoch Square Glasgow where the company will stay until 1991.


1887 Teacher’s creates Australian bonded whisky using their barrels of whisky as ballast on ships travelling to and from Australia, guaranteeing the whisky many more months of additional maturing in oak, without the need to use expensive warehousing.


Adam Teacher opens their first distillery Ardmore in 1899. This was constructed to ensure a guaranteed supply of the fully peated single malt whisky that gives Teachers Highland Cream its distinctive full flavour. The distillery’s malt whisky remains the signature malt in Teacher’s today.


1913 “the self opening bottle” patent was launched with a large advertising campaign, which gave Teacher’s a 15-year lead over its rivals.


The company celebrates its centenary in 1930 with the launch of the popular “right spirit boys” advertising. These adverts where used into the 1950’s.


With the end of prohibition in the USA Teachers sends its first consignment on the Cunard steamer “Scythia” in 1933.


The increase in demand following the end of rationing in the UK leads Teachers to purchase the Glendronach distillery in 1957.


The jigger capo bottle was launched in 1967.


Annual sales figures passed the one million cases for the UK in 1972.


1987 a new bottle and label is launched.


1997 The 12 year old “Teacher’s 50” is introduced into the India market. Containing over 50% single malt it has become India’s premium blended Scotch whisky.


Teacher’s Highland Cream Scotch Whisky


Blended Scotch whisky is made from both malt and grain whiskies, the neutral grain whiskies making up a high percentage of the volume. However Teacher’s Highland cream has an exceptionally high malt whisky content of over 45% giving a richer full bodied flavour.


The whisky is a complicated blend of over 30 single malt whiskies. It is the skill of their master Blender that carefully marries these whiskies to deliver the same rich taste that W M Teacher created over 175 years ago.

Teacher's Highland Cream Scotch Whisky

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