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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Tuthilltown Spirits

New Yorks First whiskey distillery

Tuthilltown Spirits


Tuthilltown Spirits was established in New York State in 2005 by Ralph Erenzo (left) and Brian Lee (right)


Still Manufacured by CHRISTIAN CARL, GERMANY


The size of the barrels used  3, 5, 10 and 14 gallon barrels.



Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey


This Bourbon Whiskey was Tuthilltown’s first whiskey and the first legal pot still whiskey to be distilled in New York since prohibition,


The single grain bourbon is made with 100% New York corn aged in the company’s signature small American Oak barrels. The unique aging process creates a mildly sweet, smooth whiskey with hints of vanilla and caramel.


Baby Bourbon is a perfect introduction to aged whiskey; it is mild and friendly, bright to the tongue and warming all the way down.


Each 375 ml bottle is hand waxed and numbered. A true American Classic,


Hudson Four-Grain Bourbon


Brings together the distinct characteristics of Corn, Rye Wheat and Malted Barley.


Each batch starts with 800 lbs of grain which is ground at the distillery, cooked and fermented , then distilled twice.


The spirit is aged in the company’s signature small barrels.


The four Grain Bourbon is a rich full flavour whiskey and the grains are perfectly matched to each other so that the end result is a perfect balance of the soft richness of the corn and the sharp peppery notes from the rye blend well with the smooth subtlety of wheat and sweetness from the malted barley.


Each 375 ml bottle is hand numbered



Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey


Up to prohibition New York was known for its rye whiskey. This feisty whiskey was the base of the American classic cocktail The Manhattan.


Rye whiskey had not been produced in New York for over 80 Years However The Tuthilltown Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey announces the return of the quintessential New York Whiskey.


The whiskey is produced from whole rye grain single batch at a time and is not a blended rye whiskey.


Bottled at 92 proof, this rye whiskey is fruity, floral and smooth with a distinct rye edge the leaves no doubt to the origin of the whiskey.


Each 375 ml bottle is hand filled, capped waxed and numbered.



Hudson Single Malt Whiskey


Produced in the classic style with only ground-malted barley then aged in the company’s signature small American Oak barrels.


This whiskey can be viewed as a different approach from the popular Scottish single malt whiskies. The new oak casks provide a deeper woody affect to the spirit making it rich in colour and full flavoured.


An American interpretation of the traditional Scottish and Irish whiskies.


Bottled at 92 proof this single malt is best served with a splash of water to release the full aroma and flavours available.


Old Gristmill Authentic Corn Whiskey


A true American spirit distilled in the old fashion way single batch at a time from 100%  New York corn with no sugar added.


Corn whiskey is also known by a variety of nicknames: white Dog, White Light’ng Moonshine.


This unaged sipping whiskey is clear and soft on the tongue with the faint aroma of cornfields at harvest. Bottled at 40% ABV  



Tuthilltown Spirits also produce:


Spirit Of The Hudson Vodka

Heart Of The Hudson Vodka


14 Gristmill Lane

Gardiner, NY 12525

Tel. 845.633.8284

Fax. 845.255.1527


Tours are available by appointment

Please contact the distillery before travelling.