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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

American Micro Whiskey Distillers

A micro-distillery is a small, often referred to as “Artisan” 'boutique' or “craft“, distillery. While the term is most commonly used in the United States, micro-distilleries have been established in Europe, However these pages concentrates on the  USA and Canada whisky producers


Due to the period of Prohibition in the United States most small distilleries were forced out of business, leaving only the corporate dominated mega-distilleries to resume operation when Prohibition was repealed.


The popularity of micro-distilling spirits is expanding consistently, with many micro-breweries and small wineries establishing distilleries within the scope of their brewing or winemaking operations.


California and Oregon has experienced the highest number of micro-distillery openings as these are generally more relaxed states.


All-thought the majority of these micro distillers are involved in the production of Aquavit, cognac, fruit based spirits, gin and vodka because of the straight to bottle production, some have produced or are producing whisky and moonshine and are featured here



Mountain Moonshine (WV)

Payton Fireman with help from his friend Bo McDaniel decided to create a legal Moonshine distillery.

Mountain MoonshineDistillery Information...


Piedmont Distillers (NC)

Piedmont Distillers, Inc is a small distillery that produces it's hand-crafted spirits in an authentic, small-batch copper pot still.

Piedmont Distillers Information...


Stillhouse Distillers (KY)

Home of the Original Moonshine

Stillhouse Distillers information

Balcones Distillery (TX)

The result of a fascination with fermentation and a life long appreciation of fine things.


Balcones Distillery Information


Catoctin Creek Distilling Company (VA)

Founded by Becky and Scott Harris in 2009 and is the first family-owned distillery in Loudoun County Virginia since before prohibition.


Catoctin Creek Distillery Information


Charbay Winery & Distillery (CA)

Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2008, Charbay Winery & Distillery remains a small family business


Charbay Winery & Distillery Information


Clear Creek Distillery (OR)

Steve McCarthy started Clear Creek Distillery about twenty-four years ago (1985)

Clear Creek Distillery information


Copper Fox Distillery (VA)

Copper Fox distillery was the result of an idea of Rick Wasmund on how  could he make a distinct and wonderful whisky

Copper Fox Distillery Information...


Corsair Artisan Distilleries (KY & TN)

A small craft spirits company with a distilleryies in Bowling Green, KY and Nashville, TN.


Corsair Artisan Distillery Distillery Information


McMenamins:Edgefield & Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Distilleries (OR)

It was a cold and rainy day in February 1998, when the Edgefield Distillery opened its  doors, 


Edgefield Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Distilleries Information...


Ellensburg Distillery (Wa)

The Gold Buckle Club Malt Whisky and Wildcat Moonshine


Finger Lakes Distilling (NY)

Located in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State



Grand Traverse Distillery  (MI)

is proud to be Northern Michigan’s oldest micro-distillery.


High West Distillery (UT)

The horseshoe in the company logo honours the 100-year-old livery stable that the company is  restoring as High West's distillery home.


High West Distillery Information...


Nashoba Valley Winery & Distiller (MA)

Nashoba Valley Winery can be found in a stunning hilltop orchard overlooking the charming town of Bolton.  


Nashoba Valley Winery & Distillery Information


Peach Street Distillers (CO)

Rory Donovan founded Peach Street Distillers in November of 2005 with Bill Graham and David Thibodeau

Peach Street Distillers Information....


Prichard's Distillery (TN)

Hand Crafted in traditional Pot Stills Prichards’ Distillery has been distilling spirits since 2000.


Prichard's Distillery Information


Quincy Street Distillery  (IL)

Founder Derrick Mancini


Rock Town (AR)

The Distillery is located in Down-town Little Rock in a circa 1950′s old warehouse

Rocktown Distillery Infomation


Rogue Spirits (OR) 

Founders Jack Joyce, Bob Woodell (past University  of Oregon fraternity brothers),

Rogue Spirits Distillery Information...


RoughStock Montana Whiskey (MT)

Nestled at the base of the Bridger Mountain Range south-western Montana, 

RoughStock Montana Whiskey Infomation


St. George Spirits(CA)

St. George Spirits founder Jörg Rupf it seemed was destined to follow his father onto the bench for Munich's constitutional law court......


St. George Spirits Information...


St James Spirits (CA)

Founded in 1995, Saint James Spirits uses only the finest ingredients to create premium spirits with exceptional taste and smoothness.


St James Spirits Information...


Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey (CO)

A unique small batch whiskey cultivated in Colorado’s only micro-distillery is a whiskey unlike any other –

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey Information...


Templeton Rye Prohibition Era Whiskey (IA)

Templeton Rye’s re-inventor, Scott Bush, grew up in Western, Iowa, where his grandfather used to tell stories about the legendary whiskey.


Templeton Rye Prohibition Era Whiskey Information...


Triple Eight Distillery (MA)

Originally founded by Dean and Melissa Long in 1995 as Cisco Brewers they expanded into distilling with the building of the Triple Eight Distillery


Triple Eight Distillery Information...


Tuthilltown Spirits (NY)

Tuthilltown Spirits was established in New York State in 2005 by Ralph Erenzo and Brian Lee.


Tuthilltown Spirits Information...


Virginia Distillery Company (VA)

The Virginia Distillery Company’s home, Eades Hollow, is located in beautiful Nelson County on US Route 29 in Lovingston.


Virginia Distillery Company Information


Woodstone Creek (OH)

Ohio's first micro-distillery is a Cincinnati family business. Don Outterson and his wife, Linda,


Woodstone Creek Distillery Information...

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