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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

Virginia Distillery Company

Eades Double Malt Whisky

The Virginia Distillery Company’s home, Eades Hollow, is located in beautiful Nelson County on US Route 29 in Lovingston.


Situated only 25 minutes from Wintergreen Resort and the city of Charlottesville; Which itself is just a day trip from Richmond and Washington D.C.


This is a thriving community of wineries, breweries and other distilleries in this beautiful Region of Eastern USA


The Founders

Brian Gray, Joe Hungate and Chris Allwood are the three single malt enthusiasts who founded The Virginia Distillery Company. These successful professionals have developed deep appreciation not only for the complex tastes of the whisky but also the art of making it, they decided their next venture would be to bring this craft to Virginia.


Distillery Progress

Virginia Distillery Company Breaks Ground  on Major Distillery In Lovingston


Plan Focused on Preserving Streams and Habitat


The Virginia Distillery Company  broke ground on its distillery at Eades Hollow in Nelson County (June 2010) marking the launch of the first phase of construction of the 24,000 sq. ft. facility. Upon completion, it will produce the first Single Malt Whisky in the U.S. using the traditional Scottish recipe and authentic copper pot stills.


“Our vision is to make the finest malt whisky possible right here in Virginia,” said VDC Chairman Brian Gray. “To accomplish that we’ve invested in authentic equipment and brought in experts from the distilling industry.”


The distillery at Eades Hollow will be capable of turning 24 tons of malted barley into 1700 liters of new make spirit per week. The facility is planned to include up to six warehouses where the casks filled with the spirit will age for at least four years and for some of the whisky, much longer.


Later phases of construction will include a welcome center, an indoor events center, as well as open space to hold concerts and other large events outside.


 “Our plan is to make Eades Hollow into a destination distillery,” said Gray. “We’re going to conduct tours so that people can watch us turn barley, yeast and water into Virginia Single Malt Whisky. We’re fortunate to be located in Nelson County that is not only beautiful but also populated with award-winning wineries and breweries. ”


VDC has gone to great lengths to ensure that the surrounding environment is not disturbed during construction. One of the initial projects on the site was to install a stormwater pond designed to capture run-off groundwater and prevent it from infiltrating any of the three natural streams on the property.


“While preparing the building site, we’ve brought nothing in and taken nothing out “VDC has gone to great lengths to minimize impact to the surrounding environment during construction. We designed the site to protect the three natural streams on the property by minimizing run-off. Key to watershed protection is our stormwater management pond that’s already supporting tadpoles and turtles,” said Jim Taggart , the company’s consulting engineer from Nelson County. “Now we’re working on capturing underground springs for the long term health of the pond.”


Construction of the distillery is slated for completion in early 2011, when VDC plans to turn on the stills and bring jobs to Nelson County


The Virginia Distillery Company (VDC) is at the heart of the craft distilling movement in America. It is committed to producing the highest quality Single-Malt Whisky by employing traditional distilling techniques, including an authentic copper pot still from Scotland and proper aging of its whiskies.


The Company also pairs and imports three Eades Double Malt Whiskies from the finest sister distilleries in Scotland, showcasing classic flavor profiles from the major single-malt regions -- Islay, Speyside,Highland.


Eades Double Malt Whisky


The name Double Malt comes from the two single malts that are selected for their classic characteristics and complementary natures to make each expression of Eades. Some of these malts are rarely found in the U.S. All represent the finest flavor profile of each region.


First, the two malts are finished separately in fine wine casks, such as Chateau Lafitte, Grenache and Zinfandel. Then, they are paired to create the perfect flavor profile of their region giving us Eades Double Malt.


To create Eades Double Malt, our master distiller has taken a page from the handbook of the finest winemakers. Just as two grapes from a particular season can produce a wine far better than a single grape alone, Eades Double Malt Whiskies demonstrate that two malts can create an experience that actually heightens and refines each region’s flavor profile.


Islay – Robust with peat smoke and hints of sea spray


Speyside – Smooth and mellow with notes of sweet summer berries


Highland – Rich and malty with dried fruit, vanilla and toffee


Taste the signature flavors and styles that define the Single Malt Whisky experience with the added refinement of artisan aging by enjoying a dram of Eades Double Malt.


Eades Double Malt. 2nd Edition Highland

50% Clynelish 10yr Old finished in Chateau Lafitte

50% Ben Nevis 10yr Old finished in Grenache Blanc


Tasting notes

Nose – Buttery, sweet malt, pears, sweet candy with just a touch of vanilla oak


Palate – Medium, good mouth-feel, nice glycerine texture and well balanced. Starts sweet fruit candy opening to toffee and pear with tangy salt finishing with spices, almonds and a hint of oak with a medium to long finish.


Wine cask influences

Chateau Lafitte, the world famous Bordeaux, imparts floral notes and red fruits, the perfect counterpoint to the coastal characteristics from Clynelish.


Grenache Blanc’s herbaceous and citrus characteristics, pair admirably with the toffee and fruit from Ben Nevis.


Eades Double Malt.2nd edition Speyside

70% Dufftown 12yr Old finished in Zinfandel

30% Mortlach 15yr Old finished in Callejo


Tasting notes

Nose – Dense sherry followed with floral notes and dates with Port soaked raisins.

Palate – Medium, good mouth-feel, plenty of silky oil. Opens with a rich hint of oak and sweet malt, then plum and forest berries, a flare of spices, touch of smoke reverting to sweet sherry with a medium to long finish.


Wine Cask Influences

Zinfandel adds hints of strawberry, plum, spice and leather that complement the delicate liquorice notes of the Dufftown.


Callejo’s Spanish Tempranillo grapes lend bramble fruits, berries and spice to the Sherry- infused caramel of the 15-year old Mortlach.


Eades Double Malt.2nd Edition Islay

70% Bowmore 10yr Old finished in Grenache

30% Caol Ila 18yr Old finished in Chateau d’Yquem


Tasting Notes

Nose – Fruit, iodine, cloves with sweet honey foundations.


Palate – Light to medium body with notably smooth texture. Honey sweet, fruity malt draws aside to reveal layers of subtle smoke, peat, seaweed, salt and cloves. The sweetness returns joining coastal bonfire notes melting away in a

long interplay of sweet malt, smoke and fruit ending in a long finish.


Wine Cask influences

Grenache imparts blackberry, cherry, currant and raisin all of which compliment the less peaty, fruity Bowmore.


Chateau d’Yquem contributes ‘Botrytised’ grapes, the Noble Rot delivers intense honey and raisinnotes that pair perfectly with the 18yr old Caol Ila.



Various outlets in Virginia

District of columbia, California, Delaware, llinois Maryland, Missouri

Please contact The Virginia Distillery Company for details

Virginia Distillery Company

299 Eades Lane

P.O. Box 509

Lovingston, VA 22949.


For more information contact:


Pat Jones

email: [email protected]

phone: 434-325-1299


This Distillery is under construction and is not in the position to recieve visitors yet