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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey Collection

The History

The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey honours the historic brave men and women who left Ireland seeking a new life of freedom…they are ‘The Wild Geese’.


Their descendants include many famous people all around the World : Hennessy (of Hennessy Cognac fame),

John F. Kennedy (President of the U.S.A.)

Che Guevara in Cuba.

Today there are more than 50 million people of Irish descent in the world.


“When you drink‘ The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey Collection’, you are not just drinking superb whiskeys, you are celebrating the achievements of extraordinary men and women, heroes, who made and continue to make a difference.”



"With each new generation there is a new legacy, raise your glass, remember them".


Irish Whiskey


Whiskey is a Gaelic word ‘uisge baugh’ (meaning ‘Water of Life’)


Ireland has been producing licensed distilled whiskey since the early 1600s,

The best conditions for prime maturation occur in a stable ambient temperature such as Ireland. This results in a smoother finish and more rounded taste.

Ireland is further south and west in the Gulf Stream and so the temperatures never goes below -3°C to -4°C whereas in Scotland it can get to -20°C.


The Distillery


The whiskey in the Wild Geese Collection is produced exclusively by Cooley’s, which is the last independent Irish owned distillery in Ireland.

The Distillery  has the oldest working pot-still in the world (it was commissioned in1830).


As all the whiskey comes from Cooley’s, so all the whiskeys in the Wild Geese Collection are ‘Single’ (Single correctly refers only to the whiskey coming from one distillery).


Age Statement

Irish whiskey has been licensed since the early 1600s, so it is surprising that Glenfiddich was the first Scotch whisky company to introduce ‘age statements’ in 1963 (source is Ian Millar, Chief Ambassador, Glenfiddich).


Whiskey matures at different rates depending on the nature of the whiskey's character, type and quality of wood cask, and the geographic location of the warehouse.


Bushmills won the 2008 World Whiskey Award without an ‘age statement’. In 2007 Wild Geese Rare Irish Whiskey beat many well known brands including Bushmills 16-Year Old and other well known whiskies in a blind-tasting competition (Canada).


The Wild Geese brand and the quality of the product are such that in terms of product, packaging and brand, it is the only recognised super-premium Irish Whiskey available today.


The whiskey is produced with an Extended Double Distillation process. The distillation process is slowed down extending the time taken and thereby producing a cleaner, smoother and more enriched distillate.


The whiskey is non peated and is matured in single use white oak Bourbon casks. The recipes in the Wild Geese Collection are unique to the Wild Geese Collection and cannot be found anywhere else.


The Wild Geese Collection is presented in two formats :

The Classic Blend is presented in a heavy glass rounded bottle with a natural cork stopper and seal.

The Rare Irish, Single Malt and Limited Edition Fourth Centennial are presented in heavy-glass and highly polished cube decanter bottles with a natural cork stopper, seal and decorative medallion and in luxurious bespoke gift boxes.


The medallion on the bottles commemorates 1691, when the legend of the Wild Geese started.


The cork is sealed and the seal is silver-foiled.


Wild Geese Whiskey Collection Bottlings


Wild Geese Classic Blend Whiskey

Wild Geese Single Malt Whiskey

Wild Geese Rare Irish Whiskey

Wild Geese Limited Edition Fourth Centennial Irish Whiskey  


Wild Geese Classic Irish Whiskey Blend Tasting Notes


Nose : light, berries, fresh oak and a hint of cloves.


Taste and finish : light, sweet fruity taste, balanced and smooth. The grain comes through gently and it ends with a tingle of honey and citrus fruit.


The finish is clean.


Wild Geese Rare Irish Whiskey Tasting Notes


Nose : citrus fruits (gooseberry) and floral tones. An earthy note and hint of spice.


Taste and finish : balanced and smooth. It has a rich malt taste with suggestions of citrus and oak. There is a subtle hint of honey on the higher notes.


The finish is long, sustained and loyal to the taste.


Wild Geese Single Malt Irish Whiskey


Nose : the nose is clean, smooth and sophisticated. There are hints of oak. A pervasive note reminiscent of a musty wine cellar. On the higher notes ripe summer berries.


Taste and finish : A finely balanced whiskey. Peppery and spicy. Robust and smooth. Malty oak with a good body and a complex sweetness. A hint of vanilla and a lingering earthiness.


The finish is long on the palate and satisfying.


Wild Geese Limited Edition Fourth Centennial Irish Whiskey


Nose : the nose is full, malty and sweet with a hint of citrus orange and on the higher notes a touch of spice.


Taste and finish : Smooth, sweet to start, balanced, some spice and an oatmeal maltiness. There are hints of marzipan and a subtle overtone of chocolate.


A long, lingering and satisfying finish, full with a taste of oak.

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