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Whiskymag 137 July _Aug 2016

World Whiskies

Australian Whiskies

Australia (2011) has seventeen active distilleries in five states spread across the continent with a concentration of seven distilleries on the island of Tasmania.

Australian Whiskies


Austrian Whisky

Waldviertler Roggenhof - Roggenreith is a small village in the Waldviertel and the home of the Waldviertler Whisky.


Austrian Whisky


Belgian Whisky

Hesbaye (or Haspengouw in Dutch) is a region in Belgium including parts of Liege, Limburg, Flemish Brabant, Walloon Brabant and Namur provinces.


Belgian Owl Whisky              Het Anker Distillery


Brazilian Whisky

The Union Distillery Malt whisky do Brazil company was founded in 1948 and has over 60 years of experience in the production and preparation of alcoholic beverages. It has been producing Malt Whisky since 1972.


Union Distillery Malt whisky 


Canadian Whiskies

Canadian whisky by law must be aged for at least three years in a barrel and of course distilled in Canada.


You will find that most Canadian whiskies are blended multi-grain whiskies and are often referred to casually as "rye whisky" because they contain at least 51% rye derived whisky. However, they do contain blends of corn and barley in addition to rye.


Canadian Whiskies


Danish whisky

The story of Stauning Whiskey started during a weekend in May 2005 a group of nine friends were enjoying a glass or two of Scotch single malt whisky, and  wondering why no whiskey was made in Denmark


Stauning Single Malt Danish  Whisky    Oerbaek- Bryggeri Distillery


Dutch Whisky

Known for the production of gin or geever there are an increasing number of distilleries going in to whisky production-


Zuidam Distilery


English  Whisky

At the time of "Alfred Barnard"s travels (1887) there were 6 English Whisky Distilleries Listed. At the moment (2012) there are three companies, soon to be four, producing an English Whisky

English Distilleries



French Whisky

Warenghem Distillery Breton Whisky

Founded: 1st July 1900 as a family business, now led by Gilles Leizour, with more  than a century experience in the production of fine liqueurs and spirits

Warenghem Distillery Breton Whisky


German Whisky

Fleischmann German Whisky from the blue mouse distillery


Fleischmann German Whisky


Irish Whiskey

Single malts and blends. Nothing in the world compares witha smooth Irish Whiskey

Irish Whiskey Pages


Indian Whisky

Indian whisky some times gets lost in the distillation process a lot of so called Indian whiskies are made from molasses which makes them more suitably to be called a rum than a whisky. However the Amrut and now John distilleries produces  Single malts worthy of a Scottish distillery.


Amrut  Whisky Page        John Whisky Distillery Page                


Japanese Whiskies

Masataka Takesuru is regarded as the founder of Japanese whisky. Born 1895 into a Sake-brewing family.


He left Japan for Scotland in 1918 to study chemistry and whisky making at Glasgow University taking up apprentaships with Scottish distilleries he learnt from craftsmen at first hand the skills associated with distilling and blending.


Japanese Whisky Pages


New Zealand Whisky.

Climate, Geography, Geology very similar to Scotland also a lot of Scotts emigrated there. An ideal place for making whisky it is a shame they demolished the Lammerlaw distillery due to a down turn in the world economy. However The Southern Distilling co Ltd has taken up the cause.


New Zealand Whisky Pages


South Africa Whisky

The James Sedgwick Distillery, situated at the foothills of the Bain’s Kloof Pass in the Boland town of Wellington, named after Captain James Sedgwick,

South Africa Whisky Page


Swedish Whisky

Scotch whisky is very popular with the Swedes So it should come as no surprise they have started producing their own.


Box Swedish Whisky


Mackmyra Swedish Whisky


Spirit Of Hven Swedish Whisky


Switzerland Whisky

Switzerland is not renowned for its whisky production, however look more closely, the Valais region has a number of similarities with the Scotland.


Swhisky Swiss Whisky


Taiwan Whisky

Kavalan Taiwanese malt whisky from the  King Car distillery lies in the north-east of Taiwan in the Yilan choosen for its abundant supply of cold, spring water flowing through the Snow Mountain.

Kavalan Distillery


USA Whiskey

Bourbons, Corn whiskey, Rye whiskey. Stright Wheat Whiskey.

Now new generations of Micro distilleries

USA Whiskey Pages

USA Micro Whiskey Distilleries


Welsh Whisky

From the Brecon


Penderyn Welsh Whisky